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Pre-Medical Program
  1. Students pursuing the pre-medical program are assigned to the pre-medical adviser who assists students in selecting the courses required or recommended for admission into medical school. Students must declare a major sometime during their freshman year. Although the choice of major is not restricted and students should choose a major that will interest them and provide a possible career for them, most pre-medical students graduate with a bachelor’s degree in biology, biochemistry or chemistry. Such majors not only provide the necessary prerequisites for medical school but also ensure the student has a strong science background.
  2. NMU has a pre-medical advisory board composed of practicing physicians and professors who oversee the pre-medical programs, providing students with information about the profession, application procedures to medical school and the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). The board may also write a letter of evaluation for students granted board interviews. The board considers the students GPA, MCAT score, letters of reference and responses during a personal interview.
  3. Regardless of the major selected at NMU, student should complete the following courses in preparation for medical school:

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Humanities Electives 8
Social Science Electives 8
     BI 202 Human Physiology (5 cr.) or
     BI 431 Plant Physiology (4 cr.)
Choose from the following groups: 10
     PH 201 College Physics I * (5 cr.) and
     PH 202 College Physics II * (5 cr.)
     PH 220 Introductory Physics I * (5 cr.) and
     PH 221 Introductory Physics II * (5 cr.)

*These courses are to be completed in addition to those required for any particular major. Students majoring in biology/physiology, chemistry or biochemistry will be taking most of these courses in their major. The remaining courses listed are recommended.

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