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Secondary Education Physical Education Minor
This minor is available only to students in secondary education education programs. Successful completion provides Michigan certification to teach physical education in grades 6-12.

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Total Credits Required for Minor 25-26

Health Promotion Electives 2
Choose from the following: 
     HP 216A Skating-Figure (1 cr.) or
HP 222 Hiking (1 cr.)
Theory Courses 12
Health/Physical Education Electives 4-5
Choose from the following: 
Physical Education Electives 2
300-400 level 
Activity Courses 5
Choose from the following: 
PE 101 Volleyball (0.5 cr.)
PE 199 Team Sports (0.5 cr.)
PE 205 Tennis (0.5 cr.)

Note: Students who minor in this minor may count up to 10 credits of HP courses toward graduation.

Grade earned in methods course(s) is calculated with courses in the Professional Education sequence in the major.