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Physical Education Coaching Emphasis Minor
This minor is open only to non-teaching degree students. It is designed to provide the knowledge and skills to teach sports activities to children and youth in a community setting.

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Total Credits Required for Minor 25-26

Health Promotion Electives 2
Choose from the following: 
     HP 216A Skating-Figure (1 cr.) or
HP 222 Hiking (1 cr.)
Theory Courses 20-21
     PE 323 Theory of Football (2 cr.) or
     PE 325 Theory of Swimming (2 cr.) or
     PE 335 Theory of Volleyball (2 cr.)
PE 230 Fitness Leadership (2 cr.) or 2-3
     PE 321 Athletic Officiating (2 cr.) or
     PE 417 Biomechanics (2 cr.)
Activity Courses 3
Choose from the following: 
PE 101 Volleyball (0.5 cr.)
PE 199 Team Sports (0.5 cr.)
PE 205 Tennis (0.5 cr.)

Note: This is not a coaching minor, but physical education minor with a coaching emphasis. Students who select this minor may count up to 10 credits of HP courses toward graduation.

*Noncredit Practicum Requirement: Students pursuing this minor are required to complete one of the following practicum options:

1.   Assist a head coach in a sport during the student teaching assignment.
2.   Participate on a college varsity athletic team for a minimum of two ­ competitive seasons.
3.   Assist a Northern Michigan University head coach for a minimum of one competitive season.
4.   Perform as a coach in a public/private school or summer camp.