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Pre-Dental Program
  1. Students pursuing this program are assigned to the pre-dental adviser who assists students in selecting the courses required or recommended for admission into dental school. Students must declare a major sometime during their freshman year. Although the choice of major is not restricted and students should choose a major that will interest them and provide a possible career for them, most pre-dental students graduate with a bachelor’s degree in biology, biochemistry or chemistry. Such majors not only provide the necessary prerequisites for dental school but also ensure the student has a strong science background. A pre-dental handbook is available from the pre-dental adviser.
  2. Northern Michigan University has a pre-dental advisory board made up of practicing dentists and professors which aversees the pre-dental program. Board members provide information about application procedures to dental school, the dental profession and the Dental Admissions Test (DAT). The board may also prepare a letter of evaluation that assesses the suitability of a student for the profession. The letter is written when a student is granted a board interview and is based on the students GPA, DAT score and references.
  3. Regardless of major selected at NMU, students should complete the following courses in preparation for dental school:


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Humanities Electives 8
Social Science Electives 8
     BI 202 Human Physiology (5 cr.) or
     BI 431 Plant Physiology (4 cr.)
Choose from the following groups: 10
PH 201 College Physics I * (5 cr.) and
     PH 202 College Physics II * (5 cr.) or
     PH 221 Introductory Physics II * (5 cr.)

*These courses are to be completed in addition to those required for any particular major. Students majoring in biology/physiology, chemistry or biochemistry will be taking most of these courses in their major. The remaining courses listed are recommended.