First Year Experience

Program Office
Address: 2001 C.B. Hedgcock
Phone: 906-227-1700
Fax: 906-227-1714
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Program Coordinator: Susan M. VerDuin

First Year Experience Program at NMU

NMU’s First Year Experience Program (FYE) is nationally recognized by the Policy Center on the First Year of College as an Institution of Excellence in the First College Year. FYE was established in 1995 as a beneficial program designed to focus on first-year students as they make the transition from high school to college. The goals of the program are to assist students in developing strategies and attitudes to maximize academic success, to familiarize students with campus resources and how to use them, and to assist students in developing positive relationships with faculty, staff, student leaders and peers. Statistics show that    students who participate in FYE earn higher grade point averages and continue their university studies at a much higher rate.

The FYE Block

Students who choose FYE are registered for a block of classes prior to arriving on campus. In each block, students take the same classes and have the same professors as other students in their group. This offers students an excellent opportunity to strengthen their campus connection, develop friendships, form study groups and experience college life with others who are pursuing similar academic interests.

In the fall, NMU offers several types of blocks: major-specific blocks (i.e. English, psychology, criminal justice, etc.), blocks for undeclared students that focus on career planning, and blocks for students pursuing an associate degree. Blocks of courses generally include three classes and UN 100 Freshman Seminar.

UN 100: Freshman Seminar

The UN 100 Freshman Seminar course featured in all blocks is designed to introduce students to college life and expectations. Class sections are small, focus on discussions, and include a variety of activities. Topics covered in the UN 100 seminar (an introduction to study skills, note-taking strategies, time management, critical thinking, decision making, NMU technology, diversity, academic advising, etc.) are designed to help students acclimate to college life at NMU and to give them the foundation needed to become lifelong learners. UN 100 is taught by both departmental faculty and NMU staff members with an undergraduate teaching assistant. It is a two-credit course that counts toward graduation, grade point average and financial aid.

Block Offering

The most current listing can be found on the FYE Web page at

Signing Up

After reviewing the block sections being offered, a student can register two different ways.

  1. Sign up via the Web by using the secure registration page at
  2. Call the FYE office and register over the phone.