Board of Trustees

Mary C. Lukens, Chair Ann Arbor, Michigan
Douglas B. Roberts, Vice Chair East Lansing, Michigan
Alan T. Ackerman  Troy, Michigan
Stephen F. Adamini Marquette, Michigan

Samuel S. Benedict

Rapid River, Michigan
Brian D. Cloyd Grand Rapids, Michigan
Jon G. LaSalle  Marquette, Michigan
Gilbert L. Ziegler Charlevoix, Michigan
University Administrators  
President Leslie E. Wong
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Susan J. Koch
Associate Provost for Academic Affairs Cynthia A. Prosen

Associate Provost for Student Services and Enrollment

William A. Bernard
Vice President for Finance and Administration R. Gavin Leach
Chief-of-Staff/Physician, Health Center Thomas W. Schacht
Dean of Students Christine G. Greer
Director, Admissions Gerri L. Daniels
Director, Academic and Career Advisement James G. Gadzinski
Director, Academic Computing John J. Limback

Director, Athletics and Special Assistant to the President

Kenneth G. Godfrey
Director, Broadcast and Audio/Visual Services Eric L. Smith
Director, Communications and Marketing  Cindy L. Paavola
Director, Financial Aid Michael E. Rotundo
Director, Honors Program Cynthia Prosen
Director, Housing and Residence Life Carl D. Holm
Executive Director, International Programs Marcelo E. Siles
Director, JOBSearch Center John B. Frick
Director, Public Safety and Police Services Kenneth A. Chant
Director, Center for Student Enrichment David L. Bonsall
Executive Director, Advancement Martha Haynes
Registrar Marilyn M. Robbert
Academic Deans  
Dean, Academic Information Services Darlene M. Walch
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Terrance L. Seethoff
Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Donald J. Rybacki

Dean, College of Graduate Studies, Research, and Continuing Education

Cynthia A. Prosen (Interim)
 Dean, College of Professional Studies Paul L. Lang (Interim)

Associate Dean of Nursing Education/Director, School of Nursing

Kerri D. Schuiling

Associate Dean of Teacher Education/Director, School of Education, Leadership and Public Service

Rodney H. Clarken (Interim)
Associate Dean/Director, School of Art and Design Michael J. Cinelli

Associate Dean, College of Professional Studies (for Technology and Applied Sciences)

To be named

Dean, College of Business

Rajib Sanyal
Associate Dean, College of Business Margaret M. Sklar
Academic Department Heads  
Art and Design, School of Michael J. Cinelli
Biology Neil Cumberlidge
Business, Associate Dean Margaret M. Sklar
Chemistry Suzanne Williams
Clinical Laboratory Sciences Lucille A. Contois
Communication and Performance Studies Donald J. Rybacki
Criminal Justice Dale Kapla (Interim)
Counseling and Consultation Services Thomas M. Stanger
Economics Robert Quinn (Interim)
Education, School of Rodney H. Clarken (Interim)
Engineering Technology To be named
English James M. Schiffer
Geography Michael J. Broadway
Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Harvey A. Wallace
History Russell M. Magnaghi (Interim)
Mathematics and Computer Science G. Jailan Zalmai
Military Science Todd A. Gile
Modern Languages and Literatures Timothy G. Compton
Music Donald R. Grant
Nursing, School of Kerri D. Schuiling
Nursing-Practical Kerri D. Schuiling
Philosophy Russell M. Magnaghi (Interim)
Physics David J. Lucas
Political Science and Public Administration Brian Cherry (Interim)
Psychology Shelia L. Burns
Sociology and Social Work Ira W. Hutchison
Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Lucille A. Contois (Interim)
Technology and Occupational Sciences To be named
Special Purpose Centers  
Economic Education and Entrepreneurship, Director Tawni Hunt Ferrarini
Educational Development, Director Douglas A. Russell
Gerontological Studies, Director Patricia K. Cianciolo
Multicultural Education and Resource Center Darnell J. Bradley
Native American Studies, Director  April E. Lindala
Seaborg Center, Director Ann Joyal
Upper Peninsula Studies, Director Russ M. Magnaghi
Past University Presidents  
Dwight B. Waldo 1899-1904
James H. B. Kaye 1904-1923
John M. Munson 1923-1933
Webster H. Pearce 1933-1940
Henry A. Tape 1940-1956
Edgar L. Harden 1956-1967
Ogden E. Johnson (Interim) 1967-1968
John X. Jamrich 1968-1983
James B. Appleberry 1983-1991
William E. Vandament 1991-1997
Judith I. Bailey 1997-2003
Michael J. Roy (Interim) 2003-2004