September 19, 2013

Board of Trustees Room, 602 Cohodas Hall

1:00 – 2:00 p.m.









                       1.         Academic Senate Report

                                   Dr. Larry Pagel, Chair, Academic Senate



                       2.         Granite Island:  Climate Monitoring Station

                                   Dr. Susy Ziegler, Associate Dean & Head, Earth, Environmental

                                   & Geographical Sciences



                       3.         Teacher Preparation Update

                       Dr. Joe Lubig, Associate Dean of Teacher Education/Director School of Education



           4.         NMU-Microbial Imaging Technology Collaboration

                       Dr. Josh Sharp, Assistant Professor, Biology Department



                       5.         Graduate Education Update

                                   Dr. Brian Cherry, Assistant Provost, Graduate Education & Research



                       6.         Introduction of New Administrators/Staff:

·       Dr. Leslie Warren, Dean, Academic Information Services

·       Dr. David Rayome, Interim Dean, College of Business

·       Dr. Charles Mesloh, Department Head, Criminal Justice

·       Dr. Carter Wilson, Department Head, Political Science

·       Ms. Kim Barron, Director, Institutional Accreditation & Assessment



                       7.         Good of the Order