Strategic Planning Committee Update

July 14, 2011



The Strategic Planning Committee created a core team, (the Core Branding Team) to interface with Stamats during the branding project.  This team is chartered to be dynamically involved with the University’s activities and decisions as we move through this process.   


Stamats began their research and data gathering as planned.  They are currently in the first phase of the Branding project which includes:


Phase I: Engagement and Assessment

 Objective: To conduct research and gather data that will provide a foundation for the NMU brand marketing initiative.  Two activities that Stamats will be working on during the upcoming months are listed below.   

·         Competitor brand review (by the end of July)

§  Pending Action – Stamats will be asking NMU to choose the actual schools to be reviewed. Stamats will provide NMU with guidelines for selecting the competitors and a timeline for NMU to follow.


·         Pre-visit data and document review (July and August)

§  Stamats Pending Action – Prior to mid-July, Stamats will be asking the Strategic Planning Core Committee for numerous pieces of data and documentation.  Prior to their visit to campus, Stamats will have NMU complete a brand marketing questionnaire designed to familiarize their team with NMU’s current brand marketing activities, resources, challenges and aspirations. They will also collaborate with our team to review:

·         Data (past and newly gathered) summaries of existing quantitative and qualitative research

·         Brand relevant reports and plans

·         Marketing strategies, objectives, and goals

·         Brand-related communication/promotion materials beyond undergraduate recruitment

§   NMU Pending Action – NMU will need to provide data as requested.


·         Core Branding Team Meeting (Early August)

o   NMU’s Core Branding Team – a meeting will be scheduled to ensure all members understand their role and commitment in the branding process.


·         Three days on-campus and community meetings by Stamats team (Early September)


§  The 3-Day Visit is tentatively scheduled for September 13th – 15th (Tuesday-Thursday).  The “three” days is planned to be served as 2 to 2-½ days on campus WITH other time allotted to make separate phone calls to specific people not physically on campus.


§  Stamats will interview select faculty, staff, and students and will want to talk with NMU leadership and Board representatives in person (or on the phone), community leaders/influencers, area educators, and alumni leadership locally.  These interviews require no more than one hour of anyone’s time, and actually less in many cases. 


§  Potential Kick-Off Meeting:  If it is deemed necessary by either party, Stamats will hold a kick-off meeting.  The size and breadth of scope will be determined at a later date.