Agenda for meeting of April 30, 2009



1.    Review and approval of previous minutes December 11, 2008* (CAR)



Closed Agenda


2.     Investment Performance

         Review of investment performance* Mr. David Wetzel, Fund Evaluation Group (via video conference or conference call)



Open Agenda


3.     Audits

         Internal Audits Ms. Jill Compton, Internal Auditor

  Audit Issues Report* (CAR)


4.     Budgets Mr. Gavin Leach, Vice President for Finance and Administration

         2009-2010 Auxiliary Operations Budget* (CAR)

         2009-2010 Student Life Budget* (CAR)

         2009-2010 Dining Services and Housing and Residence Life Rate Schedules* (CAR)

         2009-2010 Continuing General Fund Base Budget (CAR)

         2009-2010 Continuing Designated Fund Base Budget (CAR)

         Fiscal Year 2009 General Fund Base Budget Update*

         Key Indicators*


5.    Capital Outlay Mr. Gavin Leach, Vice President for Finance and Administration

         Bond Series 2008 Project List Update (CAR)


6.    Other

         Cosmetology Course Fee COS 111 (CAR)

         Bowling Course Fee HP 211 (CAR)

         Extension of Reduction In Force Plan* (CAR)

         Identity Theft Prevention Program* (CAR)

         Line of Credit

         Finance and Administration Division Roadmap Update*



(CAR) = Committee Action Required


*Back-up information attached