Board of Trustees

Ad Hoc Recruitment and Retention Committee

July 8, 2009



Members Present:  Mr. Gil Ziegler (phone conference), Chair, Mr. Bill Bernard, Dr. L. Garnet Lewis (phone conference), and Ms. Cindy Paavola


The Recruitment and Retention Committee convened at 1:00 p.m.


Members were briefed on the June 17 informal discussion regarding Admission flows, marketing strategies, and demographics.




Mr. Bernard provided an update on enrollment including freshman, transfer and returning students. 

·         NMU has just completed the last of the three-day Freshman Orientation sessions.  A transfer Orientation session will be held July 11, and the Fall Make-up Orientation will be held in late August. 

·         In addition to Orientation deposits, a weekly registration headcount is generated.   

·         Calls were made to students academically eligible to return to NMU who have not yet registered for fall classes. 


The economic situation throughout the state, impact of the trend for students to apply to more schools, and decrease of high school graduates, particularly in the U.P. schools, was discussed. 


The committee reviewed enrollment comparisons with the other Michigan public institutions.


Community college enrollment and impact across the state was discussed.  NMU is seeing transfer students with increased transfer credits, entering at the sophomore or junior level. 


Dr. Lewis indicated the monthly enrollment data being provided to the committee is appreciated.


Four-Year Graduation Rates


Four-year graduation rates were discussed, including cost of each additional semester.  Although NMU does not prepare a semester-by-semester cost comparison, the university provides a cost of attendance worksheet for financial aid purposes.  Further discussion on this topic would involve additional individuals.




Mr. Bernard reported that the university is reviewing the number of students who are admitted on a restricted basis and the impact we are having with their retention.  The Enrollment Management Network (EMN) has recommended that discussions move forward with representatives from the English Department to review and make recommendations for a new developmental model for this population of students. 



Articulation Agreements


The implementation and expansion of Articulation Agreements for transfer students was discussed. 


Mr. Bernard reported that for Michigan community college students who transfer to NMU with the MACRAO Agreement, we have a proviso that requires additional coursework to fulfill our liberal studies requirements.  The committee may consider recommending that NMU review their policies concerning the transfer of credits attached to the MACRAO Agreement.


Requests of possible Articulation Agreements received from various community colleges through the Admissions Office are forwarded through the Associate Provost for Student Services and Enrollment to the respective College Dean.


The meeting adjourned at 1:40 p.m.