Board of Trustees

Ad Hoc Recruitment and Retention Committee

December 10, 2009



Members Present:  Mr. Gil Ziegler, Chair, Mr. Bill Bernard, Dr. L. Garnet Lewis, Ms. Cindy Paavola, Dr. Douglas Roberts


Additional Trustees Present:  Mr. Jon LaSalle and Dr. H. Sook Wilkinson


The Recruitment and Retention Committee was called to order at 11:00 a.m.


Articulation Agreements


·         Mr. Bernard summarized the two types of community college agreements - MACRAO Agreement and Articulation Agreements.


-       Mr. Bernard reviewed the process for program-specific Articulation Agreements.  A list of those in place and those in progress was provided. 

-       Mr. Bernard informed the Committee about editorial changes to policy language for transfer students under the MACRAO Agreement and the policy for transfer students with associate degrees that have been made in the NMU Bulletin and online.  A change to the post-baccalaureate policy language regarding liberal studies is now before the Academic Senate.


·         NMU’s community college role was discussed.


·         Mr. Bernard informed the Committee of the work of a task force exploring the options for a developmental program that would be designed for academically at-risk students. 




Mr. Bernard provided an enrollment update for 2010 and comparisons with 2009.  Current active admits for the Winter 2010 Semester show an increase of 15 transfer students and 55 new freshmen.


Tools for encouraging transfer students to attend NMU were discussed and include:


-       Rewording of the transfer polices

-       Continuing to encourage the development of Articulation Agreements

-       Restructuring of scholarships for transfer students

-       Visiting community colleges to unveil the revised scholarship package


Graduation Rates


The current four-year NMU graduation rate was discussed. 


Ms. Paavola reported that NMU’s four-year graduation rate is comparable to the national average.


Ms. Paavola distributed a recently developed draft of “How Can You Make College Affordable” which includes choices students make that might delay their graduation.  A rack card for parents is also being designed.  Both are to be printed in January. 




It was suggested that the Committee recommend to the Board of Trustees that the development of Articulation Agreements become a priority to NMU and an annual report be submitted. 


The meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon.