Evolution! The word has revolutionized the sciences, especially biology. While some people outside of the sciences see controversy, when biologists hear the word evolution, they see a world of adaptations to the environment leading to incredible variety in life. As a discipline, evolutionary biology incorporates ecology, systematics, genetics, cellular and molecular biology, and many others. A course in evolution is part of the core curriculum of all Biology majors, and evolution is also incorporated in many other courses. Evolution is central to biology in general, and there are many projects ongoing in the department that directly address evolutionary questions including the phylogenetic relationships between species of freshwater crabs, evolution of resistance to heavy metal poisoning in loons, genetic relationships among mouse populations, and evolution of life history traits in fish.

Students interested in this area might consider any of the Biology Department majors.

Faculty involved:
Cumberlidge, Galbreath, Graves, Leonard, Lindsay, Strand, Teeter