Human Health

Health and medicine are an important focus area for the Biology Department. Our courses serve a variety of pre-professional programs including the pre-medical, pre-optometry, pre-physcial therapy, pre-dental programs, and pre-veterinary as well the NMU School of Nursing and School of Clinical Sciences. Several of our faculty advise students in these programs as well. Many students move on to professional school following a degree in the department. Other biology students are interested in joining the biotechnology field and its medical applications. In addition, our faculty participate in research related to medicine, including work on molecular controls of cancer and the immunological responses. We also participate in a collaborative relationship with Marquette General Hospital which includes research with faculty and students in the Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center and service on advisory boards. Many students also do internships or undertake research experiences either on campus or at our allied institutions, including the Mayo Clinic.

Students interested in this area might consider any of the Biology Department majors, especially biology, physiology, microbiology and biochemistry. The interdisciplinary major in Neuroscience is also pertinent to students interested in health and medicine.

We offer preparatory advising for students interested in the following professional programs: pre-medical, pre-optometry, pre-physical therapy, pre-dental, pre-veterinary.

We also have a special program in diagnostic genetics (administered jointly, listed in the Bulletin under Clinical Sciences) that may be of interest.

Faculty involved:  Belton, Cumberlidge, Hedges, Ottem, Winn.

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