Patrick Brown


2001A New Science Facility
Phone: 906-227-2310

Dr. Brown in Alaska


Ph.D.  (1981)  University of Missouri-Columbia
M.S.  (1977)  Iowa State University
B.S.  (1974)  Central Michigan University


Research Interests

My research has two general areas of focus.  The first is on waterfowl and wetland ecology and the second is on landscape analysis in support of conservation.  Most recently in the waterfowl/wetland ecology area I participated in a project intended to help biologists evaluate the wetland bird use of impounded versus non-impounded wetlands in Michigan’s coastal wetlands.  My work in landscape analysis has focused on creating large scale conservation plans that help to establish priorities for stewardship and conservation programs for a variety of conservation concerns.


My teaching interests include classes in wildlife conservation and biology, wetland and waterfowl ecology, and integrated ecosystem management.

Selected Publications

Brown, P. W., M. A. Monfils, and L. H. Fredrickson.  2009.  Ecology and management of wetland birds and mammals.  In:  Likens, G. (Ed.)  [2009].  Encyclopedia of Inland Waters.  Elsevier Limited, Oxford, UK.

Hamer, G. L., E. J. Heske, J. D. Brawn, and P. W. Brown.  2008.  Migrant shorebird use of a wetland complex in the Illinois River Valley.  Trans. Illinois Academy of Science 101(1&2):95-96.

Hamer, G. L., E. J. Heske, J. D. Brawn, and P. W. Brown.  2006. Migrant shorebird predation on benthic invertebrates along the Illinois River, Illinois. Wilson Journal of Ornithology. 118:152-163.