Guidelines for Proposals

Department of Biology Development Fund


1.  Use of Department of Biology Development Fund

The Biology Department Development Fund may be used for any student-centered activity judged professionally appropriate.  Such uses include, but are not limited to:  support for faculty-supervised undergraduate and graduate student research; professionally related student travel; bringing seminar speakers and scientists to campus for the express purpose of enhancing student education.  Faculty and students are encouraged to use the Development Fund as seed money with which they can approach other sources of funding on or off campus for matching funds.


2. Eligibility

Full-time department faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduate students are eligible to apply for Development Fund Awards.  All student proposals must be submitted jointly with a faculty member, and each joint proposal must identify the principal investigator and all co-investigators.  It is anticipated that the individual (faculty or student) who will do the research will be the principal investigator.


3.  Proposal Format

Proposals should include a statement of intent and the objectives, the plan and timetable, and a budget with justification.  This narrative portion should not exceed 5 pages double-spaced, in a 10 or 12 point font.  An appendix should include a description of the qualifications of the investigators seeking funding.  If the proposal is to support research in progress which has previously received Department or University support, the applicant(s) should describe the accomplishments to date and explain the need for additional support.


4.  The Award Committee

Development Fund proposals shall be evaluated by the Budget Committee.  The Budget Committee will judge each proposal on its significance, clarity of presentation, methodology and planning, and budget justification.  Money will not be distributed from the Development Fund unless a written proposal has been submitted and the Executive Committee has made a positive recommendation for funding.


5.  Application Deadlines

The proposal application deadlines are October 15, March 15, and June 15.  The Budget Committee will attempt to respond to emergency needs as they arise, but it is anticipated that proposals will typically be submitted on the schedule described above.


6.  Limit on Awards

No principal investigator may receive more than $1,000 during a single academic year (fall semester, winter semester, and spring and summer sessions).  There is no limit on the funding an individual may receive as a co-investigator.


7.  Other Procedures

a.         The Budget Committee will decide on the acceptability of all Biology Department Development fund proposals within 21 calendar days after the application deadline and will recommend the funding level for each proposal.  The Committee will provide written notification to the department faculty of its decisions in a timely manner.

b.         The Department Head, as the named operator of the account, will inform the departmental faculty of the current balance of the Development Fund at the first department meeting of each semester (i.e., at least one month before the application deadline).

c.         No more than 50% of the available balance in the Biology Department Development Fund will be distributed during either the October or March funding cycles.