Master of Science in Post-Secondary Biology Education (PBE)

As part of Northern Michigan University’s newly created Master of Science in Post-Secondary Biology Education program, you’ll take a mixture of advanced level biology and pedagogical courses, giving you the sound scientific foundation you’ll need to effectively teach along with a solid background in the science of teaching itself.

With higher education becoming increasingly necessary to secure good employment, the use of community colleges as a transition to a university is also becoming more common and more instructors are needed to handle the student load. However, these instructors seldom have received training in pedagogy and must often learn “on the job.” From their perspective, this often means they aren’t competitive for permanent positions in community colleges until they’ve taught in the system for several years, usually as a part-time instructor.

This program seeks to combine a graduate-level science curriculum with pedagogical training so graduates will be well prepared to compete for full-time community college instructional positions immediately upon graduation.

The program is also designed for those focused on gathering additional post-secondary educational expertise, including secondary teachers and students interested in eventually attaining a Ph.D for university teaching, but who would like to gain direct post-secondary instructional training to build their credentials.

This program is a good fit for students who like, 

  • Studying biology
  • Teaching
  • Working with students
  • Learning


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