Executive Board Members

The following are the members of the ASNMU Executive Board for 2016-2017: 

Tristan Ruiz, ASNMU President

Tristan Ruiz | President

Major: Biochemistry

Minor: Psychology

Phone: (401) 365-0184

Email: asnmupres@nmu.edu 

Office Hours: 

Connor Loftus, Vice President

Connor Loftus | Vice President

Major: Fisheries and Wildlife Management

Phone: (616) 240-0331

Email: asnmuvp@nmu.edu

Office Hours:  

Sarah Scholmeyer, Treasurer and SFC Chairman

Sarah Schollmeyer | Treasurer & SFC Chairman

Major: Public Relations

Minor: Political Science

Phone: (616) 254 - 9557

Email: sschollm@nmu.edu

Office Hours: