Executive Board Members

The following are the members of the ASNMU Executive Board for 2015-2016: 

Head Shot Lindsey Lieck Lindsey Lieck | President

Major: Political Science

Minor: Environmental Studies 

Office hours: Monday 12:30-2:30, Friday 12:00-1:00

Phone: (906)-227-2452

Email: asnmupres@nmu.edu 

Head shot Liz Dow Liz Dow | Vice President

Major: Elementary Education, Integrated Science

Minor: Environmental Studies 

Office hours: 

Phone: 906-227-2452

Email: asnmuvp@nmu.edu


Head Shot Vito Gionnola Vito Giannola | Treasurer & SFC Chairman

Major: Political Science

Minor: International Studies

Office hours: 

Phone: (248)-240-3874

Email: vgiannol@nmu.edu