University Committees

ASNMU representatives serve on a number of committees each academic year. These include the following:

Admissions and Academic Policies Committee (AAPC)
Respond to issues relevant to academic advisement & academic proficiency; conducts periodic review and evaluation of the Undergraduate Academic Proficiency Policies; hears and acts on academic appeals.

Academic Senate
Academic Senate advises and makes recommendations to the Vice President for Academic Affairs on matters of faculty-wide concern to their respective constituencies, & informs the academic community of issues under consideration.

Athletic Council
The Athletic Council is advisory to the President of the University on matters pertaining to intercollegiate athletics. Final authority on changes of policy governing the operation of the intercollegiate athletic program rests with the President. For more detailed information, visit the athletic council webpage.

Campus Master Plan
The Campus Master Plan Committee will advise University administration on the implementation and updating of the Campus Master Plan. The committee will review proposals for the development or renovation of campus buildings and land to ensure that the proposals are consistent with the University's Campus Master Plan.

Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Committee (ECDC)
An advisory committee to the President of the University on matters related to creating and sustaining an inclusive campus community.

An advisory committee to NMU’s sustainability coordinator, associate vice president for facilities and associate vice president for business operations.