ASNMU Judiciary

ASNMU Judiciary Members Fall 2015

Left to Right: Luke Soucie (member), Chelsea Parrish (member), Mary Brundage (adviser), Tori McNealy (member), and Kayleigh Hartland (chairperson)

ASNMU Judiciary has final jurisdiction on questions of the constitutionality of any actions taken by the Associated Students of Northern Michigan University based on the ASNMU Constitution. The groups handles any inquiries involving qualifications of ASNMU members or interpretations of sections from the Constitution and/or Bylaws.  

The ASNMU Judiciary consists of five members. One member serves as a chair and the other four serve as voting members. Each member is appointed by the President of ASNMU, followed by a three-fourths vote of the General Assembly. 

ASNMU Judiciary provides great experience in understanding legal and formal terms used in documents as well as an enjoyable time with a small group of other students.

If you are interested in joining the ASNMU Judiciary, fill out an application here. If you meet the requirements and we have an open seat, we will contact you to set up an interview.