In order for the Judiciary to fully respond to any questions, one of the following forms must be submitted:

The Inquiry Form, which applies to requests for clarification of either the Constitution or Bylaws in regards to concern over a fellow member's actions or personal duties in regards to ASNMU. This form requires no formal hearing, and can be found here: ASNMUJ_Inquiry_Form.pdf

The Appeals Form, which covers requests to review constitutionality of current members or committees of ASNMU, qualification of new members, or an appeal of an Elections Committee decision. This form requests the Judiciary to schedule a hearing in order to decide one of the aforementioned issues, and can be found here: ASNMUJ_Appeal_Form.pdf

When sending your questions to the Judiciary for review, please be sure to fill out the correct form for the situation at hand.

All completed forms should be submitted to the Chairperson of the Judiciary at