Elections and Referenda

ASNMU Elections and Referenda

April 17- April 20, 2017

The application to apply for ASNMU becomes available in the ASNMU Office on March 13, 2017 and are due by 5pm on April 10, 2017.

Voting opens at noon, Monday, April 17 and closes at noon on Thursday, April 20. 

Questions about elections or ASNMU can be directed to Taylor Preul, at tpreul@nmu.edu, or you can stop by the ASNMU office! 

Thank you for your interest!  Good luck!

ASNMU General Elections


Position Type:

Positions Available: Candidates: 
Governing Board Positions:

President (1)

Tristan Ruiz

Vice President (1)

Connor Loftus
General Assembly Positions: Academic Affairs

College of Arts & Sciences Representative (4)

Chloe Anderson


College of Health Sciences & Professional Studies Representative (4)

Bianca White

College of Business Representative (1)


General Studies/Undeclared Representative (2)


Graduate Studies (1)

General Assembly Positions: Student Affairs

Off-Campus Representative (7)

Lana Wilson

    Patrick Grundy
    Hannah Milkie
    Gwyneth Hamick
    Sarah Head

Down Campus Representative (2)

Jamie Glenn
    Simon Moesch

Up Campus Representative (1)


On Campus Apartments Representative (1)