Current Members

"I think the first duty of society is justice." -Alexander Hamilton


The ASNMU Judiciary is defined in Article IV of the ASNMU Constitution. The Judiciary has the unique role of determining constitutionality of actions taken by ASNMU members, interpreting our Constitution, impeachment hearings, and appeals concerning elections and referenda. The Judiciary also swears in all members of ASNMU.

The Judiciary consists of five students, one of which is the chairperson of the Judiciary. The chairperson runs meetings and only votes in the case of ties. 

Justices are appointed by the ASNMU President and approved by the General Assembly. If you are interested in joining the Judiciary, please contact the ASNMU President directly. Justices serve two year terms.

ASNMUJ meets Tuesday's at 8:00 am in the ASNMU Office. There is free breakfast and these meetings are open to the public.

The current Justices for the 2017-2018 Academic year are below.


Kayleigh Hartland, Chair of ASNMUJ

Kayleigh Hartland I Chairperson

Major: Cyber Defense/Information Assurance

Hobbies: photography, running, weight lifting, hiking, and movies

Office Hours: Mondays 12-2p and Fridays 11a-1p


Luke Soucie, Justice for ASNMUJ

Luke Soucie

Major: Biochemistry

Hobbies: Student Leadership Fellowship Program, hiking, and video games

Julie Kryska, Justice for ASNMUJ

Julie Kryska

Major: Criminal Justice

Hobbies: Cats, hiking, and swimming

Ethan, Justice for ASNMUJ

Ethan Willett

Major: Criminal Justice

Hobbies: Reading and online gaming

Riley, Justice for ASNMUJ

Riley Garland

Major: Economics



Mary Brundage, Advisor for ASNMUJ