Winter 2014 ASL Courses

Winter 2014

Academic service learning courses utilize an exciting teaching methodology that incorporates community service as a means of helping students gain a deeper understanding of course objectives, acquire new knowledge, develop professional expertise and engage in civic activity. During Winter 2014, there were 42 courses and 65 sections designated as academic service learning.

Art & Design Faculty
AD 118: Introduction to Graphic Communication Jane Milkie
AD 455: BFA Seminar Jane Milkie
Communications & Performance Studies Faculty
BC 473A: Advanced Media Production-Audio Charles Ganzert
Education, Leadership & Public Service Faculty
ED 231: Teaching for Learning in Secondary Classrooms Judy Puncochar
ED310: Social Studies Methods & Materials for Elementary Teachers David Anderson
ED311: Language Arts Methods & Materials for Elementary Teachers Justina Hautamaki
Margaret Licht-Mallo
ED316: Elementary Reading Instruction 1 Justina Hautamaki
Margaret Licht-Mallo
PS 501: Public Policy Analysis Jennifer James-Mesloh
PS 595: ST-Rural Community Development Jennifer James-Mesloh
English Faculty
EN 211B: Narrative & Descriptive Writing Heidi Stevenson
EN 211D: Technical & Report Writing* Nancy Gold*
Cameron Contois
Health, Physical Education & Recreation Faculty
ATR 125: Emergency Care Marguerite Moore
Nicole Maki
Jonathan Bauers
ATR 392B: Intermediate Practicum 2 Marguerite Moore
HL 386X: Interdisciplinary Study in Global Health* Yuba Gautam
HL 472: Health and Exercise Leadership Skills Barb Coleman
HN 516: Sports Nutrition Lanae Joubert
PE 350: Methods and Materials of Physical Education Brian Myers
RE 371: Protected Area Management* David Kronk
History Faculty
HS 105: World History Kathryn Johnson
Modern Languages & Literature Faculty
FR 102: Elementary French 2 Shannon Ruiz
Beverly Matherne
FR 202: Intermediate French 2 Shannon Ruiz
FR 305: Conversation French Tara Foster
FR 400: Advanced Composition and Grammar Tara Foster
Native American Studies  
NAS 488: Native American Service Learning Project Martin Reinhardt
Nursing Faculty
NU 212: Foundations of Professional Nursing Practice Clinic Mary Franczek
Sheri Giordana
Matthew Hockberger
Chelsea Ault
NU 386X: Interdisciplinary Study in Global Health* Eileen Smit
NU 412: Nursing Care of Populations Helen Wedin
Dianne Adams
Susanna Bernier Braman
​Kristi Robina
NE 547: Clinical Practicum 3 Melissa Romero
Sheri Giordana
Psychology Faculty
PY 492B: Advanced Practicum Mary Pelton-Cooper
Social Work Faculty
SW 100: Exploring Social Work John Bray
Paul Olson
Patricia Cianciolo
SW 370: Generalist Practice Methods 1 Ann Crandell-Williams
AN 495A: Museum Studies* Scott Demel
Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences  
SL 400: Phonological Disorders Heather Isaacson
Technology and Occupational Sciences Faculty
CN 156: Construction Systems and Methods Michael Andary
CN 450: Project Control Michael Andary
HM 221: Hospitality Service Management Leslie Cory-Milligan
HM 225: Banquets and Catering Deb Pearce
University Studies Faculty
UN 110: Freshman Seminar 2 (Section 2) Kathryn Johnson
UN 110: Freshman Seminar 2 (Section 1) Teresa Bertossi

* Recipient of an ASL Action Grant