Fall 2012 ASL Courses

Fall 2012 Courses

Academic service learning courses utilize an exciting teaching methodology that incorporates community service as a means of helping students gain a deeper understanding of course objectives, acquire new knowledge, develop professional expertise and engage in civic activity. During Fall 2012, there were 59 courses and 92 sections designated as academic service learning.

Art & Design Faculty
AD270 - Social Structures Emily Lanctot
AD302 - Media and Media Methodology for Art Education Michael Letts
Business, College of Faculty
MGT341 - Event Planning Carol Steinhaus
BUS500 - Managerial Communication Claudia Hart
Communication & Performance Studies Faculty
BC471 - Mass Communication and Society Mark Shevy
BC473M - Advanced Production Multimedia Mark Shevy
BC495 - Politics and the Press Charles Ganzert
Earth, Environmental and Geographical Science Faculty
GC260 - Minerals and Rocks Richard Ziegler
Education, School of Faculty
ED222 - Clasroom Management TBA
ED230 - Teaching for Learning in the Elementary Classroom KC Holder
ED 231- Teaching for Learning in the Secondary Classroom Judith Puncochar
ED307 - Integrating Arts into Elementary Education Corinne Rockow
ED310 - Social Studies Methods and Materials for Elementary Teachers Derek Anderson
ED 311 - Methods and Materials of Teaching Elementary Language Arts Sue Szczepanski
ED312 - Science Methods Carl Wozniak
ED316 - Elementary Reading Instruction Sue Szczepanski
ED318 - Elementary Reading Instruction Sue Szczepanski
ED319 - Teaching Reading for Secondary Teachers Christi Edge
ED349 - Teaching for Diversity, Equity & Social Justice Christi Edge
ED402 - Teaching Life Skills to Students with Disabilities Laura Reissner
ED420 - Teaching Elementary School Abby Standerford
ED423A - Teaching in Elementary School TBA
ED423B - Teaching Students with Cognitive Impairment TBA
ED423C - Teaching Students with Emotional Impairments TBA
ED423D - Teaching in Secondary School TBA
ED430 - Teaching in Secondary School Abby Standerford
ED504 - WEB: Psychology of Education Judith Puncochar
English Faculty
EN111 - College Composition (Sections 24 and 40) Rochelle Dale
EN304 - Teaching of the English Language Kia Jane Richmond
EN350 - Methods and Materials of Teaching English Kia Jane Richmond
EN410 - Nature Writing James McCommons
Health and Human Performance Faculty
ATR125 - Emergency Care Marguerite Moore, Cora Ohnstad, Megan McCullough
ATR392A - Intermediate Practicum Marguerite Moore, Mariah Lash
ES476 - Exercise and Fitness for Special Populations Scott Drum
PE346 - Adapted Physical Education Brian Myers
PE350 - Methods and Materials of Physical Education Brian Myers
Honors Program Faculty
HON211 - Patterns of Violence Alan McEvoy
Hospitality Management Faculty
HM115 - Professional Cooking Deborah Pearce
Modern Languages and Literatures Faculty
FR101 - Elementary French I Tara Foster, Beverly Matherne
FR 201 - Intermediate Fresh II Nell Kupper
FR300 - Reading and Writing French Tara Foster
FR495 - ST: Le Seduction Nell Kupper
Nursing Faculty
NU212 - Foundations of Professional Nursing Practice Clinic Sheri Giordana, Mary Franzcek
NU412 - Nursing Care of Population Helen Wedin, Dianne Adams, Kristi Robinia, Nanci Gasiewicz, Eileen Smit
Political Science Faculty
PS495 - Politics and the Press Steven Nelson
Psychology Faculty
PY492A - Practicum Mary Pelton-Cooper
Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Faculty
SL464 - Methods of Diagnosis Lori Nelson
Technology and Occupational Sciences Faculty
AMT203 - Reciprocating Engine Overhaul Keith Norton
HV270 - Heating Systems II Ross Christensen
CN450 - Project Control Michael Andary
University Studies Faculty
UN100 - Freshmen Seminar James Alexander
UN100 - Freshmen Seminar Andrew Bek
UN100 - Freshmen Seminar Mary Franczek
UN100 - Freshmen Seminar Lynne Gerhardt
UN100 - Freshmen Seminar Julie Higbie
UN100 - Freshmen Seminar Ruth Watry
UN100B - Freshmen Seminar Katy Morrison
UN100B - Freshmen Seminar Katy Morrison
UN250 - Leadership Theory & Practice Jon Barch