QuickTips! - Academic Service Learning

(Academic Service Learning)

QuickTips! (Academic Service Learning) are informative videos geared to helping faculty and staff see how Academic Service Learning (ASL) can benefit your career and your students. Check out these QuickTips! videos to see how ASL can benefit you.

Academic Service Learning
Check out this general Academic Service Learning (ASL) video to see why NMU faculty and staff are using ASL in their courses.
Liz Monske Promotion and Tenure
Consider using Academic Service Learning (ASL) to add depth to your Promotion and Tenure packet. Watch this QuickTips! video to see how ASL can benefit your career.
Patty Hogan Research
Academic Service Learning (ASL) is a versatile initiative and can be incorporated into any discipline. This QuickTips! video shows the variety of ways you can use ASL in research and publication.
Dwight Brady

Do you have a great idea for an Academic Service Learning (ASL) project but aren't sure how to get it funded? Watch this QuickTips! video for ideas on where and how to get funding for your upcoming ASL project.

Chad Mager ASL and FYE
This QuickTips! video shows how First Year Experience (FYE) instructors can use Academic Service Learning (ASL) in their courses to get students out of the classroom and into the community.