What makes a great academic service learning course?  How do you evaluate service learning from a student or faculty perspective?  Who should you contact if your academic service learning course idea will involve study aboard?  There are often many questions when, students and faculty first start participating in academic service learning, but we’ve got answers for you!

There are many resources on the Northern Michigan University campus and through regional and national academic service learning organizations available to help. If the resources to the left and below do not provide the information you are looking for, please contact the NMU Center for Student Enrichment for assistance.  We can be reached at or 906-227-1089, or stop by and see us at 1205 University Center.


The Academic Service Learning Advisory Board

The Academic Service Learning Advisory Board is a joint undertaking between faculty and Student Services staff and is comprised predominantly of faculty members. The Board was established in 2003 with the purpose of advancing academic service learning at Northern Michigan University. ASL is faculty driven at NMU, with key decisions regarding direction being made by the ASL Advisory Board. The ASL Advisory Board is chaired by the Academic Service Learning Faculty Liaison, who is a faculty member compensated to assist with the advancement of ASL at Northern Michigan University. The Board meets two or three times a semester to strategize, set direction, and plan upcoming events. For more information please contact the Center for Student Enrichment at (906) 227-1089. Membership on the ASL Advisory Board is open to all faculty wishing to serve on it; a goal is to have a faculty representative from every department.


Center for Student Enrichment

The Center for Student Enrichment can help faculty with administration and logistics of their academic service learning projects.

Specifically, the Center can assist with:

    •Arranging individual faculty/departmental orientation to academic service learning.
    •Identifying and facilitating community partnerships.
    •Maintaining the ASL Website.
    •Collecting and maintaining ASL Resources.
    •Providing connections with the NMU Volunteer Center.
    •Coordinating ASL conferences and seminars.
    •Providing administrative support for the ASL Advisory Board.
    •Identifying possible sources of funding assistance as they become available.


Other resources:

Take a look at SLICE - Service-Learning Ideas and Curricular Examples

National Campus Compact has information on creating a syllabus and has many great ideas for service learning activities.

Check out this presentation on why it is important to designate your courses.

Dr. Edward Zlotkowski's presentation on Engaged Academic and Civic Learning.

Dr. Robert Franco's presentation on Creating the Caring Community: A Lasting Agenda for Higher Education.

The Imperative of Active Learning: Becoming Intentional with its Development at Northern Michigan University.