Students and Academic Service Learning

Academic Service Learning as a Superior Edge Activity for Students

The Superior Edge initiative encourages all NMU students to consider completing any or all four of the edges:

Real World

Completing an “edge” requires 100 hours of recorded activity and a reflection paper. Students completing any one of the edges or all four (the “Superior Edge”) will have their achievement recorded on a student enrichment transcript, which will be sent along with the official academic transcript.

Academic service learning is an excellent activity for either the citizenship edge or real- world edge, and in some cases could also apply to the diversity or leadership edges. You are asked to encourage students who are engaged in an academic service learning experience to participate in Superior Edge; it will enable them to have yet another “edge” with a future employer or graduate school.

To enroll in Superior Edge, students must attend a one-hour orientation session where they will receive a program overview and instructions on how to log hours. For an orientation schedule or more information on the Superior Edge, please contact the Center for Student Enrichment at 906-227-6543,, or visit the Superior Edge Web site at

Academic Service Learning as a Michigan Service Scholars Activity

The Michigan Service Scholars Program (MSS) is an Americorps program that encourages students to be civically engaged on their campuses and in their communities. It is administered by Michigan Campus Compact, of which Northern Michigan University is a member. Students willing to complete 300 hours of service in one calendar year earn a $1,000 education award to be used for qualified educational expenses.

Service must be focused on the areas of volunteer recruitment and information for non-profits and youth programs such as mentoring, tutoring and early child care development. Employment hours in these areas can also be counted as service hours.

Many academic service learning projects meet the criteria for Michigan Service scholarships and could be counted as service hours by students. To enroll in the Michigan Service Scholarship Program, students must attend an orientation session conducted by Michigan Campus Compact staff. There is normally one orientation in the fall and another during the winter semester. For more information on the Michigan Service Scholars Program, please contact the Center for Student Enrichment at 906-227-1089 or e-mail