Over the past few years, Academic Service Learning (ASL) courses at Northern Michigan University (NMU) have helped community partners just like you to complete projects that benefit our community. Academic service learning benefits the community by:

  • Bringing expertise and assistance to community projects and organizations
  • Developing links between the Marquette community and NMU
  • Providing community members with an opportunity to add to the educational experience of NMU students

While ASL is similar to community service, it is important to realize that it is not the same thing. Community service focuses on the community. ASL links community service with specific academic goals and course objectives.

Community partners can submit their ideas for potential ASL projects and contact information by filling out the ASL Project Request Form. Based on the information provided, we will post the suggested project on our website and e-mail NMU faculty each month to inform them about the various opportunities available. Interested faculty members will be able to contact the community partner to work out the details of the ASL project.

While we cannot promise that any of the projects will be adopted, we hope that by making your information available we can facilitate a dialogue between faculty, students, and community partners that will lead to project development opportunities. Remember that these projects will need to be related to course curriculum and will
probably be of limited duration or need to be broken up into stages across

"The partnership with NMU has been going for a number of years. This long-term partnership has increased a legacy in restoration not only on public lands but also on the campus of Northern Michigan University."

Hiawatha National Forest personnel

different semesters. Keep in mind, faculty members typically plan a semester ahead, so projects probably won’t be addressed until the next semester. If you have a project that doesn’t fit these parameters, but is in need of student volunteers, you can contact the NMU Volunteer Center at (906) 227-2466 or to discuss your specific needs.

If you would like to know more about ASL or the ASL Project Request Form, please contact us at or click  here.