Current Courses

Academic service learning courses utilize an exciting teaching methodology that incorporates community service as a means of helping students gain a deeper understanding of course objectives, acquire new knowledge, develop professional expertise and engage in civic activity. Courses for the Winter 2015 and Summer 2015 semesters are currently being designated.

Winter 2015

Communication and Performance Studies Faculty
BC 272: Studio Television Production Mark Shevy
BC 473F: Advanced Media Production - TV Dwight Brady
Earth, Environmental and Geographical Sciences Faculty
GC 470: Environmental Ethics Angela Miller-Porter (Johnson)
Education, Leadership & Public Service Faculty
ED 231: Teaching for Learning in Secondary Classrooms Linda Ludwig
ED 310: Social Studies Methods & Materials for Elementary Teachers Derek Anderson
ED 311: Language Arts Methods & Materials for Elementary Teachers Melanie Reaves
Margaret Licht-Mallo
ED 316: Elementary Reading Instruction 1 Melanie Reaves
Margaret Licht-Mallo
ED 420: Teaching Elementary School Michael Donhost
ED 430: Teaching in Secondary School Michael Donhost
PA 501: Public Policy Analysis Jennifer James-Mesloh
PA 507: Principles of Public Administration Jennifer James-Mesloh
PA 511: Ethics and Public Administration James Alexander
PA 516: Organizational Theory Carl Wozniak
PA 521: Grant Writing Carole Touchinski
PA 598: Directed Study Jennifer James-Mesloh
EN 211B: Narrative and Descriptive Writing Heidi Stevenson
EN 211D: Technical and Report Writing Jill Harris
Tracy Haack
​Rochelle Dale
Cory Ferrer
Health and Human Performance Faculty
ATR 125: Emergency Care Nicole Maki
Tyler Harris
ATR 392B: Intermediate Practicum 2 Maggy Moore
Nicole Maki
Tyler Harris
HL 250: Applied Health Theory Breanne Carlson
HL 386x: Interdisciplinary Study in Global Health Yuba Gautam
HL 430: Grant Writing for Health Breanne Carlson
HL 472: Health and Exercise Leadership Skills Barb Coleman
PE 350: Methods & Materials of Physical Education Brian Myers
RE 362: Program Design in Leisure Services Jacquie Medina
Hospitality Management Faculty
HM 225: Banquets and Catering Deborah Pearce
Modern Languages & Literature Faculty
FR 102: Elementary French 2 Tara Foster
FR 202: Intermediate French 2 Nelly Kupper
FR 305: Conversation French Nelly Kupper
FR 310: Introduction to French Civilization Tara Foster
FR 310x: Introduction to French Civilization Tara Foster
FR 400: Advanced Composition and Grammar Nelly Kupper
Native American Studies  
NAS 204, Section 02: Native American Experience Jamie Kuehnl
NAS 488: Native American Service Learning Project Martin Reinhardt
Nursing Faculty
NU 212: Foundations of Professional Nursing Practice Clinic Theresa Durley/Eileen Smit
Mary Franczek
Sarah Harriger
Rhian Smith
Shannon Scott
NU 386x: Interdisciplinary Study in Global Health Kristi Robinia
NU 412: Nursing Care of Populations Helen Wedin
Kristi Robinia
Dianne Adams
Psychology Faculty
PY 492B: Advanced Practicum Francella Quinnell
Social Work Faculty
SW 100: Exploring Social Work John Bray
Sociology and Anthropology Faculty
AN 498: Directed Study, Lithic Analysis Scott Demel
SO 308: Methods of Social Research 2 Yan Ciupak
Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences Faculty
SL 400: Speech Sound Disorders Helen Kahn
Technology and Occupational Sciences Faculty
CN 156: Construction Systems and Methods  Michael Andary