Fall 2008

Business, Walker L. Cisler College of 

CIS250 – Systems Analysis and Design

Sandra Poindexter

CIS415 – Systems Development Project

Sandra Poindexter

Communications & Performance Studies 

BC495 – Politics and the Press

Charles Ganzert

PR250 – Research in Public Relations

Wally Niebauer

Education, School of

ED231 – Teaching for Learning in the Secondary Classroom

Judith Puncochar

ED310 – Social Studies Methods for Elementary Teachers

Derek Anderson

ED311 – Methods and Materials for Elementary Language Arts

Suzanne Standerford

ED316 – Elementary Reading Instruction

Suzanne Standerford

ED319 – Teaching Reading for the Secondary Teacher

Joe Lubig

ED349 – Teaching for Equity, Diversity and Social Justice

Joe Lubig

ED402– Teaching Life Skills

Laura Reissner


EN110 – Good Books

Kia Richmond

EN309 – Teaching of Writing

Kia Richmond


GC465 – Hydrology

Robert Regis

Health Physical Education & Recreation 

PE217 – Motor Development and Elementary Physical Education

William Connor


NE421 – Community Health Nursing Concepts

Bitsy Wedin

NE432 – Management Concepts in Nursing

Jane Campbell

NE432 – Management Concepts in Nursing

Mary Ellen Powers

Political Science 

PS294 – Campaign Practicum

Brian Cherry

PS495 – Politics and the Press

Steven Nelson


PY492A – Behavioral Analysis

Mary Pelton-Cooper

Sociology/Social Work 

SW100 – Exploring Social Work

Patricia Cianciolo

Speech Language Hearing Sciences 

SL464 – Methods of Diagnosis

Lori Nelson