Art and Design Courses

Art and Design

AD 100 The Art and Design Experience
AD 110 Ideas in Art and Design History
AD 111 Human Centered Design: Visualization Techniques
AD 112 Digital Cinema: Introduction
AD 114 Painting
AD 115 Printmaking: Serigraphy and Intaglio
AD 116 Sculpture
AD 117 Introduction to Digital Photography
AD 118 Introduction to Graphic Communication
AD 119 Introduction to Illustration
AD 120 Drawing
AD 122 Ceramics: Handbuilding Techniques
AD 123 Jewelry/Metalsmithing
AD 124 Woodworking: Joinery and Design
AD 134 Computer Art: Introduction
AD 160 Physical Structures and Concepts
AD 175 Visual Structures and Concepts
AD 200 Native American Art and Architecture
AD 211 Human Centered Design: Digital Visualization
AD 212 Digital Cinema: Experimental and Documentary Narratives
AD 215 Printmaking/Papermaking: Forms
AD 216 Sculpture: Bronze and Aluminum Casting
AD 217 Advanced Digital Photography
AD 218 Graphic Communication: Typographic Systems
AD 219 Illustration Forms
AD 220 Drawing/Painting
AD 222 Ceramics: Wheel Forms
AD 223 Blacksmithing/Metalsmithing
AD 224 Woodworking: Turning and Bending
AD 230 History of World Art: Ancient to Medieval
AD 234 Computer Art: Motion
AD 240 History of World Art: Renaissance to Modern
AD 248 Introduction to Art Education
AD 260 Why America Looks This Way
AD 265 Art and Architecture of Japan
AD 270 Social Structures and Concepts
AD 280 History of Photography
AD 291 Studio Workshop
AD 295 Special Topics in Art and Design
AD 298 Directed Study
AD 299 Associate Research
AD 300 Asian Influence in Modern Art
AD 302 Media and Methodology for Art Education
AD 303 Individual Art Review
AD 310 Art for the Elementary Classroom Teacher
AD 311 Human Centered Design: Concepts and Technology
AD 312 Digital Cinema: Animation Forms
AD 315 Printmaking/Papermaking: Seminar
AD 316 Sculpture
AD 317 Alternative Photographic Practices
AD 318 Graphic Communication: Layout and Production
AD 319 Illustration: Seminar
AD 320 Drawing/Painting/Papermaking: Seminar
AD 322 Ceramics: Seminar
AD 323 Metalsmithing: Seminar
AD 324 Woodworking: Seminar
AD 326 Furniture Design: Seminar
AD 330 History of Renaissance Art
AD 334 Computer Art: Integration
AD 335 History of Baroque Art
AD 345 Modernity in Art: The Nineteenth Century
AD 350 Curriculum Theory and Objectives for Art Education
AD 355 Twentieth Century Art and Architecture
AD 365 History of Modern Design
AD 390 Methods and Theories of Art History
AD 403 Senior Exhibition
AD 411 Human Centered Design: Design Research
AD 412 Digital Cinema: Seminar
AD 415 Printmaking/Papermaking: Seminar
AD 416 Scultpture: Seminar
AD 417 Commercial Studio Lighting
AD 418 Graphic Communication: Seminar
AD 419 Illustration: Seminar
AD 420 Drawing/Painting/Papermaking: Seminar
AD 422 Ceramics: Seminar
AD 423 Metalsmithing: Seminar
AD 424 Woodworking: Seminar
AD 426 Furniture Design: Seminar
AD 434 Computer Art: Seminar
AD 440 Human Centered Design: BFA Seminar
AD 450 Studio Practice
AD 452 Printmaking/Papermaking: BFA Seminar
AD 453 Sculpture: BFA Seminar
AD 454 Photography: BFA Seminar
AD 455 Graphic Communication: BFA Seminar
AD 456 Illustration: BFA Seminar
AD 457 Drawing/Painting: BFA Seminar
AD 458 Cinema: BFA Seminar
AD 459 Ceramics: BFA Seminar
AD 460 Metalsmithing: BFA Seminar
AD 461 Woodworking: BFA Seminar
AD 463 Furniture Design: BFA Seminar
AD 467 Computer Art: BFA Seminar
AD 485 Theories and Practices of Art and Design
AD 490 Advanced Research in Art History
AD 491 Studio Workshop
AD 492 Internship in Art and Design
AD 495 Special Topics in Art and Design
AD 498 Directed Study