Associated Students of Northern Michigan University (ASNMU) records

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Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives
Northern Michigan University. Associated Students of Northern Michigan University (ASNMU).
Associated Students of Northern Michigan University (ASNMU) records
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1969 - 1999
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[Identification of item] in the Associated Students of Northern Michigan University (ASNMU) records, MSS-192, Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives, Northern Michigan University.

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Historical Note

The Associated Students of Northern Michigan University (ASNMU) was the successor of the Student Council. On March 25, 1969, the Student Senate voted to accept a new constitution and submitted it to the student body for a ratification vote on Aprill 22. The final vote was 927 to 698. The ASNMU met for the first time in the fall of 1969 under President Harry Campbell. In 1978, the student body passed a revised constitution that created separate branches of student government, increased representation, and provided the Governing Board with more control over the Student Finance Committee. For a complete list of ASNMU presidents, please see "A Sense of Time: the Encyclopedia of Northern Michigan University."

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Scope and Contents Note

This collection documents the history of the Associated Students of Northern Michigan University (ASNMU). The collection contains general correspondence, financial records, audit records, meeting minutes and agendas, reports, job descriptions, and budget material. The collection also includes various project files, university issues and concerns, student surveys, committee records, and records of the Student Finance Committee (bylaws, budget requests, funded programs, resolutions, applications for funding). The materials cover the years from 1969-1999.

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Arrangement note

Collection is unprocessed and remains in original order.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives

Harden Learning Resources Center 126
1401 Presque Isle Ave
Marquette, Michigan, 49855

Conditions Governing Access note

No restrictions. Open for research.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • Northern Michigan University. Associated Students of Northern Michigan University (ASNMU).


  • College student government--Michigan--Marquette.
  • Student activities--Michigan--Marquette.

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Collection Inventory

Box 1 of 12 



EFG Referendum Requests 

Budget Requests Winter 1998 

Budget Requests Fall 1998 

Budget Requests Fall 1997 

Budget Requests Winter 1997 

Budget Request Procedures 

ASNMU Governing Board Reports 

SDAF Funded Programs Winter 1998 

SDAF Funded Programs Fall 1998 

SDAF Funded Programs Fall 1994 

SDAF Funded Programs Fall 1995 

SDAF Funded Programs Winter 1996 

SDAF Funded Programs Fall 1996 

SDAF Funded Programs Winter 1997 

SDAF Allocations: Sports Related Clubs 

Platform Personalities 

Working Policies 

Student Organization Information 

SFC Minutes 

SFC Agendas 

SFC Applications 

SFC Ad Hoc Selection Committee 

SDAF Logo 

SFAF Funded Programs Fall 1997 

Student Art Gallery 

Task Force on EFG 

Official Correspondence 


SDAF Funded Pulications 

Audit of Audio-visual 


Fall 1980 Operating Budget 

General Correspondence 

SDAF Funded Programs Fall 1991 

SDAF Funded Programs Winter 1992 


Task Force on SFC 

SFC/Special Work-Radio X/Public Eye 

SFC/Special Work 

ASNMU Referendum 1990 

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Box 2 of 12 


ASNMU General Budget 

Associated Students of Northern Michigan University-Mission of 

ASNMU Logo Contest 1991 

ASNMU News Releases-Media Coverage 

ASNMU President's Board of Control Addresses 1986 

Pres. and U.P. Printing Posters Information 1995 

ASNMU Task Force 1990 

ASNMU Treasurer 

Audio-visual Policy of Charging Student Organizations 1992 

Audio-visual Scam 1992 

ASNMU Year End Reports 

Audix Information 

Auxilary Services 

ASNMU Booksale 

Appointments Committee of ASNMU By-Laws (Current) 

Appointments Committee of ASNMU By-Laws (Past) 

Approptiations Committee of ASNMU By-Laws (Past) 

Archivist Project 1992 

ASNMU Advisors 

ASNMU By-Laws 

ASNMU Constitution 

ASNMU Computer 

Associated Students of Northern Michigan University By-Laws (Past) 

ASNMU Internships 

Accredidation of NMU Undergraduate Programs 

Academic Affairs 

Academic Programs Priorities 

Administrative Policies 

Advertising Policy on Campus 

Administrative Roundtable 

ASNMU Agenda 1997 

Affirmative Action Office 


Appeal of 1994 Election Results 

Appointments Committee 

Academic and Advising Proficiency Committee 

Academic Computer Users Committee 

Academic Computing Resource Committee 

Academic Senate By-Laws (Current) 

Academic Senate 

Apartment Living Association 


1994 Board of Directors Minutes 

Budget and Planning Committee 

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Box 3 of 12 


Strategic Planning Process 

Student Activity Fee 

Student Commencement Speaker 

Student Counselor Handbook 

Student Discount Cards 1986-1987 

Student-Family Housing Association of NMU By-Laws 

Student Life Issues 1991-1992 

Surveys/Student Opinions 

TEFLER Report 1985 

Telephone Lines-Equipment 

Tenants Rights 

Textbooks-Complimentary Copies 

Student Finance Committee Reports 

Student Finance Committee-Appeals 

Student Handbook Outline 

Student Leader Awards 

Student Retention 

Student Travel Funding 

Summer Courses 

Summer Memorandums 

Sports Training Center 

Student Finance Committee By-Laws and Working Policies (Past) 

Student Activity Fee Review 1995 

Student Art Gallery 236 

Student Art Gallery 

Student Affairs 

Student Appreciation 

Student Code 

Student Finance Committee 

Resident Hall Judiciary 


Rock the Vote 


Scholarship Programs 

Sculpture Garden 

Sculpture Project 1989 

Service Charge Review Committee 

Sexual Assault Response/Prevention Policy 

NMU Sexual Harrassment Policy 

Student Activity Fee-History of 

President's Newsletter 1981-1982 

Presidential Search Information 

Presidential Search 1996 

Printing Services 

Projection Booths-JXJ 

Public Address Announcements 

Recruitment Video 1991 


Renter Information 

Report Forms-Reps 

Resignation Letters 

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Box 4 of 12 


1994 Fall Semester Minutes 

Executive Council Fall 1995 

1993 Fall Semester Minutes 

1993 Winter Semester Minutes 

ASNMU Minutes 1992 

1992 Fall Semester Minutes 

1992 Winter Semester Minutes 

1991 Fall Semester Minutes 

1991 Winter Semester Minutes 

1990 Fall Semester Minutes 

1990 Winter Semester Minutes 

1989 Fall Semester Minutes 

1989 Winter Semester Minutes 

1988 Fall Semester Minutes 

1988 Winter Semester Minutes 

1987 Fall Semester Minutes 

1987 Winter Semester Minutes 

1986 Fall Semester Minutes 

1986 Winter Semester Minutes 

1985 Fall Semester Minutes 

1985 Winter Semester Minutes 

1984 Fall Semester Minutes 

1984 Winter Semester Minutes 

1983 Fall Semester Minutes 

1983 Winter Semester Minutes 

1982 Fall Semester Minutes 

1982 Winter Semester Minutes 

1981 Fall Semester Minutes 

1981 Winter Semester Minutes 

1980 Fall Semester Minutes 

1980 Winter Semester Minutes 

1979 Fall Semester Minutes 

1979 Winter Semester Minutes 

1978 Fall Semester Minutes 

1978 Winter Semester Minutes 

1977 Fall Semester Minutes 

1977 Winter Semester Minutes 

1976 Fall Semester Minutes 

1976 Winter Semester Minutes 

1975 Fall Semester Minutes 

1975 Winter Semester Minutes 

1974 Fall Semester Minutes 

1974 Winter Semester Minutes 

1973 Fall Semester Minutes 

1973 Winter Semester Minutes 

1972 Fall Semester Minutes 

1972 Winter Semester Minutes 

1971 Fall Semester Minutes 

1971 Winter Semester Minutes 

1970 Fall Semester Minutes 

1970 Winter Semester Minutes 

1969 Fall Semester Minutes 

1969 Winter Semester Minutes 

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Box 5 of 12 


ASNMU Budget 1997-98 

ASNMU Budget 1996-97 

ASNMU Budget 1995-96 

ASNMU Budget 1994-95 

ASNMU Budget 1991-92 

ASNMU Budget Fall 1990-91 

A Vision of Excellence 1998 

A Vision of Excellence 1998 

A Vision of Excellence 1998 

Correspondence-ASNMU Fall 1998 


Univeristy Policies 

SCAP References and Resources 

CAP Training Model 

Student Legal Assistance Program 

CAP/SCAP History 

Tuition Rates 


University Center Renovations 

Univeristy Health Center 

Procedures on Vacant Positions 

William Vandament 

Withdrawing/Not-returning Student Survey 

Wildcat Express Card 

WUPX 1995-present 

Women's Issues-Violence Against 

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Box 6 of 12 


ASNMU Memos 1990-1992 

ASNMU Minutes 

ASNMU Referendum Committee 1988-1990 

Catalogs and Purchasing Forms 

Check Request 

Child Care Scholarships 

Discretionary Account 

Employee Files 

Meals and Lodging 

NMU General Memorandums 

SDAF Investigation Task Force 

Student Discount Card 

Travel Forms and Receipts 

Treasurer Information 

2100-Students Labor 

ASNMU Budgets 1986-1990 

3100-Bookstore-Office Supplies 

3100-Central Receiving-Office Supplies 

3100-Off Campus-Purchasing Credit Card 

3600-North Wind Advertising 

3600-Administrative Expenses 

4000-Repairs and Maintenance 

4100-Copier and Printer 

4100-Promotional Services 

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Box 7 of 12 


Committee of Counselors and Advocates 

Community College Role and Outreach Mission 

Committee on Undergraduate Programs 

Commuter Students-Communicating with Administration 

1993 Commuter Survey 

1986 Commuter Survey 

Condom Machines 

Constitutional Review 1995 

Associated Students of Northern Michigan University Constitution (Past) 

Supplemental Grant 


Budget Cuts 1995 

Bookstore Profits Policy-Proposed 1991-1992 

Budget Request-PRR's 

Cable Contract 

Cable Survey 1992 

Campus Commons 

CCA Advocacy 

Camp Cusino 

NMU Centennial Celebration Committee 

Child Care Proposal 1991 

Board of Control Information 

Board of Control 1995 


Board of Control Minutes 

Board of Control 

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Box 8 of 12 


Collegiate Communications Cooperative 


Commission on the Future Task Force 

Conflict of Interest Committee 

Crime Prevention Committee 

Cultural Affairs Programming Committee 

Educational Policy Committee By-Laws 

Energy Conservation Committee 

Financial Aid Advisory Committee Minutes 1991-1992 

First Impressions-Formal Charter (Current) 

Food Service Advisory Committee Minutes 199-1992 

Handicap Advisory Committee 

Health Center Advisory Committee 

Honorary Degrees Committee 

Housing Contract Review 

Housing Transition Committee 

Human Relations Advisory Board Minutes 1991 

Human Rights Commission Charter 

Industrial Values and Advisory Committee 1991 

Library and Learning Resources Committee 

Long Range Planning Commission 

Northern Art and Entertainment 

Parking and Traffic Committee Minutes 1991-1992 

Platform Personalities 

Residence Hall Students Association 

Resident Hall Association Minutes 

Selection Advisory Committee for VP-Student Affairs 

Something Different Unlimited 1979 

Space Utilization Committee 

Stone Soup Health Group Committee 

University Advisory Council 

University Center Advisory Board Minutes 1991-1992 

University Writing Committee 

WBKX Information 1970-1980 

WBKX-FM Status 1992 

WBKX Information 1980-present 

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Box 9 of 12 


President's Council Minutes 

Parliamentary Procedure Information 

Payne Hall Flood 1978 

Pell Grant Information 

Persons Wishing to Address the Board Policy 


Phone Survey 

Political Action Committee of ASNMU 

Political Action Committee of ASNMU By-Laws (Past) 

NMU Graphic Identity/Publication Guidelines 

NMU Operation Report 

North Wind Board of Directors By-Laws (Current) 

North Wind Board of Directors 1993 

Northern Arts and Entertainment 

Off-Campus Concerns Committee of ASNMU By-Laws (Current) 

Off-Campus Concerns Committee of ASNMU By-Laws (Past) 

Outdoor Recreation Center 

Off-Campus Housing Issues 

Off-Campus Concerns Committee Minutes 1992 

Office Inventory List 

On-Campus Concerns Committee of ASNMU By-Laws (Current) 

On-Campus Concerns Committee of ASNMU By-Laws (Past) 

On-Campus Concerns Committee 

Other Universities Student Governments 

McGoff Lecture Series 

MHEC Mission Goals and Programs 

Michigan State University 

Mission Statement 

Money (Bill) Changers 

National Hunger Cleanup 1988 

Network Advisory Committee 

95 Theses on NMU 1986 

NMU Budget Outlook 1991-1992 


Letters of Resignation 


Longyear Hall 



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Box 10 of 12 


HUD Proposal 

Inauguration Ceremony-Oath 

Inclement Weather Policy 

International Business Association 

Intercollegiate Athletics 

Investment Loan Information 

Kaye Avenue Entrance Land Proposal 


Technology Information 

Lakeview Arena 

Learning Technologies Fee 

Leadership Scholarships 

Freedom of Information 

Foreign Study Concerns 

Faculty Strike-Student Petition 1984 

Film Policies and Procedures 

Flat Rate Tuition 

Freshman Studies 

Goal 5 Recomendations 

Graduation Data 

Graduation Fee 

Greek Row 

Grievance Procedure 

Handicap Issues 

Hockey Ring Issues 1991 

Housing and Residence Life 


Electronic Ticketing Systems 

Enrollment Figures 1991-1992 

Enrollment Management 

Enrollment Process Study 

Environmental Issues 

Environmental Scan 

Entry and Search Policies 

Extracurricular Activity Survey 1985 

Complimentary Ticket Policy 

Computer Lab 

Computer Purchase Programs 

Computer Use 

Counselor and Advocate Program of ANNMU (Past) 

Constitutional Review 1995 

Designated Allocated Groups-Reveiws 

Development Plans 

Domestic Partner Benefits 

Dr. Davenport Incident 

Dr. Stephenson Slapping Incident 

Early Retirement Program 

Election 1995 

Election Petitions 

Elections 1980 

Elections 1981 

Elections 1984 

Elections 1985 

Elections 1986 

Elections 1987 

Elections 1988 

Elections 1989 

Elections 1990 

Elections 1991 

Elections 1992 

Election Information 1992-1993 

Elections 1993 

Election 1996 

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Box 11 of 12 


Committee Members Fall 1995/Winter 1996 

Academic Advising Coordinating Council 1993 

ADA Compliance Committee 1993 

Admin./Prof. Position Classification Committee 

Advising and Academic Proficiency 

Admissions and Academic Policy Committee 

All Student Judiciary 1993 

Art Students Gallery Board of Directors 

ASNMU Fall 1993 Budget 

Committee Applications 

1993 Appointment Committee Files 

Campus Master Plan 1993 

ASNMU Governing Board 1993 

Athletic Council 1993 

Bookstore Advisory 1993 

Student Names for Committees 

Calendar 1993 

Centennial, Steering Committee for Celebration of NMU's First 1993 

Chamber/City/Hospital/University/Base Committee 

Suggestion Boxes 1991-1992 

Clerical/Technical Job Evaluation Committee 1993 

Committee on Appeals 1993 

Committee on College Textbooks 

Committee on Counselors and Advocates By-Laws (Current) 

Committee on Counselors and Advocates 1993 

Counelor and Advocate Program 

Committee on Ethnic and Cultural Diversity 

Committee on Undergraduate Programs 

Crime and Vandalism in On-Campus Housing 1993 

Educational Technology and Resources Committee 

Educational Technology and Resources Policy 1993 

Emergency Planning Committee 1993 

Executive Committee 1993 

Faculty-Grant Committee 1993 

Food Service Advisory Committee 

Financial Aid Advisory Committee 

Future Directions for Computing Advisory Committee 

Graduate Programs 1993 

Handicap Advisory Committee 1993 

Hazardous Material Management Committee 1993 

Health Center Advisory Committee 

Honorary Degrees Committee 

Housing 1993 

Internal Newletter Improvement 1993 

International Education Policy 1993 

Job Evaluation Plan Proposal for NMU 

K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base 

Liberal Studies Review Committee 

Library Advisory Committee 

Library Advisory Committee 1993 

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Box 12 of 12 


Learning Technologies Committee and Centennial Committee 

Northern Arts and Entertainment 1993 

NCA Accredidation Coordination Committee 1993 

North Wind Board of Directors By-Laws (Past) 

North Wind 

Occupational Safety Committee 1993 

On-Campus Concerns Committee 1993 

Off-Campus Concerns Committee 1993 

Parking and Traffic 

Parking (heh heh) 

Program Committee 

Recreational Facilities 1993 

Recreational Services Advisory Committee 1993 


Residency Determination Appeals 1993 

Senate Committee 1993 

Senior Administrative Classification Committee 1993 

Service Charge Review 

Space Utilization 1993 

Shared Vision 

Sportsmanlike Conduct Committee 1993 

Student Activities 1993 

Student Centeredness Committee 

Student-Faculty Judiciary 1993 

Student Finance Committee By-Laws, Working Policies (Current) 

Student Finance Committee By-Laws 

Student Finance Committee 1993 

Student Travel Fund 

Appointments Committee 1993 

Task Force on NMU's Community College Role 1993 

Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee 

University Center Advisory Committee 

University Priorities 1993 

University Safety Committee 1993 

Weapons Policy 

Wellness Council 1993 

WUPX Board of Directors 1993 

1997 Winter Semester Minutes 

1996 Fall Semester Minutes 

1996 Winter Semester Minutes 

1995 Fall Semester Minutes 

1995 Winter Semester Minutes 

1994 Fall Semester Minutes 

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