Ramachandran Bharath papers

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Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives
Bharath, Ramachandran
Ramachandran Bharath papers
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1980 - 1990
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[Identification of item] in the Ramachandran Bharath papers, MSS-181, Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives, Northern Michigan University.

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Biographical note

Born in 1935, Ramachandran Bharath was a professor in the Department of Management, Marketing and Computer Information Systems at Northern Michigan University from 1979-1996. He has authored books about the computer language "Prolog," computers and graph theory, and neural network computing. Dr. Bharath retired from NMU in 1997.

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This collection contains articles, papers, reports written by Ramachandran Bharath, professor in the College of Business at Northern Michigan University, between 1980 and 1990. Also included are awards won by Bharath.

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Collection is unprocessed and remains in original order.

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Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives 6/16/2010

Harden Learning Resources Center 126
1401 Presque Isle Ave
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No restrictions. Open for research.

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  • Northern Michigan University--Faculty.
  • Northern Michigan University. College of Business.

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  • Bharath, Ramachandran


  • Information theory.
  • Prolog (Computer program language).

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Collection Inventory

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Paper: "An Examination of the Economic and Demographic Characteristics of Buyers of Lottery Tickets and an Evaluation of their Feelings Toward the Lottery," by Irvin A. Zaenglein, Ramachandran Bharath, and David B. Meinert 

Article: "Logic Programming fo Teaching Economics," by June Parsons and Ramachandran Bharath, Sept. 1988 

"Tutorial Session: Lisp for Beginners," by R. Bharath, James Drosen, Maria-Carmencita Muramoto 

Paper: "Attitudes of Society Towards Women in Computing," by Maria-Carmencita L. Muramoto, Ramachandran Bharath, and June Parsons 

Article: "How Much Information Does A Message Contain?: An Introduction to Information Theory," by Ramachandran Bharath 

Paper: "A Note on Teaching the Assignment Method: Explaining the Hungarian Algorithm," by David E. Allen and Ramachandran Bharath, Oct. 31, 1990 

Paper: "Logic Programming for Teaching Economics," by June Parsons and Ramachandran Bharath, April 1988 

Article: "Expert Systems and Logic Programming," by Ramachandran Bharath, June-July 1986 

Paper: "Practical Philosophical Insights on Model Construction," by Robert J. Miller and Ramachandran Bharath, n.d. 

Paper: "Tutorial Session: Lisp for Beginners," by Ramachandran Bharath, et. al., Feb. 22, 1990 

Paper: "Decision Making, Emotions, and Neural Networks: Some Observations and Speculations," by R. J. Miller and R. Bharath, 1992 

Paper: "Algorithms and Heuristics: Complex Buildings from a Limited Set of Blocks," by Robert J. Miller and R. Bharath, Nov. 3-6, 1991 

Paper: "Algorithm and Heuristic: Is a Distinction Between These Terms Important?" by Robert J. Miller and R. Bharath, Oct, 1990 

Paper: "What are the Odds?," By David Allen, June Parsons, and R. Bharath, Oct. 1991 

"ABC's of Fuzzy Logic," by June Parsons, and R. Bharath, Oct. 1991 

Paper: "When Mailed Questionnaires are Used, How Quickly Can Data Analysis Start?" by David B. Meinert, R. Bharath, and Irvin A. Zaenglein, Feb. 27, 1987 

Paper: "The Effects of Paper Quality and Personalization on Response Rates to Mailed Questionnaires," by R. Bharath and Irvin A. Zaenglein, Mar. 1985 

Paper: "Perceptions of Optimal Class Size by Faculty in Schools of Business," by R. Bharath, Larry Ettkin, and Brian G. Gnauck, Nov. 1985 

Paper: "Influence of Demographic Variables on the Users' Choice of Alternative Financial Instruments and Institutions," by R. Bharath, John E. Consler, and B. G. Gnauck, Nov. 1985 

Paper: "The Basis of Public Opinion: A Case Study," by R. Bharath and B. G. Gnauck, Oct. 1981 

Paper: "Michigan's Bottle and Can Law: An Evaluation of Voter Attitudes," by R. Bharath and B. G. Gnauck, Feb. 10-15, 1980 

Paper: "Presidents of the United States Who Died in Office," by V. Bellur and R. Bharath, Oct. 1979 

Paper: "Enrollment Sensitivity to Tuition Increases in a University Education - A Survey," by B. G. Gnauck, R. Bharath, and D. Hoffman, 1982 

Paper: "An Introduction to Prolog," by R. Bharath and A. Deb, Nov. 1984 

Paper: "The Impact of Fifth Generation Computer Systems on Role of Computers in Liberal Education," by R. Bharath and Margaret Sklar, Nov. 1985 

Paper: "Shopping Patterns of Marquette, Michigan Residents," by R. Bharath, Irv Zaenglein, and Brian G. Gnauck, May 1987 

Paper: "What Factors Contribute to Learning Object-Oriented Concepts?" by R. Bharath and Sandra Poindexter, 1993 

Paper: "The Down Side of Risk Analysis/Cost-Benefit Analysis," by David E. Allen and Ramachandran Bharath, Apr. 1996 

Article: "Selecting Subsets from Sets: The Formula for Combinations in Prolog," 1987 

Article: "A Probability Derivation of the Formula for Combinations," by D. Hoffman and R. Bharath, June 1986 

Article: "Information Theory," R. Bharath, Dec. 1987 

"Logic Programming and Operations Research," by Ramachandran Bharath, Sept. 1985 

Article: "Understanding Binomial Coefficients Using Logo," by David B. Hoffman and Ramachandran Bharath, Aug. 1984 

Article: "Computer Graphics to Show Optimal Smoothing and Trend Adjustments for Exponential Forecasts," by David B. Hoffman, Ramachandran Bharath, and Carol M. Carlson, 1983 

Article: "Financial Institution Customer Differentiation by Demographic Variables," by R. Bharath, Brian Gnauck, et. al., Fall 1986 

Book Review, re: Prolog Programming and Applications, by W. D. Burnham and A. R. Hall, Fall 1986 

Article: "Expand Your System's Knowledge Base: A Simple Example Using Prolog," by Ramachandran Bharath, Aug. 1986 

Article: "Learning About Prolog," by Ramachandran Bharath and Margaret Sklar, Jul. 1985 

Article: "Logic Programming: A Tool for MS/OR?" by R. Bharath, Sept.-Oct. 1986 

Article: "The Hesse-Woolsey-Stern Algorithm for the Transportation Problem: An Explication," by R. Bharath, 1982 

Report: "Report on Activities During Sabbatical Leave, 1983-1984 Academic Year," by Ramachandran Bharath, 1984 


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