Guide to Russell M. Magnaghi Papers

Collection Number: Univ Series 47
Volume: 21 boxes (8.0 linear feet)
Inclusive Dates: 1840-1994
Prepared by Gayle Martinson and Marcus C. Robyns

Biographical Sketch:

Dr. Russell M. Magnaghi has been a member of the Northern Michigan University History Department since 1969.  Raised in an Italian-American community in San Francisco, Magnaghi received his PhD in 1970 from St. Louis University with an emphasis in Latin-American history.  He developed his interest in local history while at Northern and has been an active participant in local history interests and projects in the area.

Scope and Content Note:

This collection contains original records and manuscripts, photocopies of historical documents, project materials, news clippings, student term papers, correspondence, research notes, presentations, and publications of Dr. Russell M. Magnaghi, an NMU history professor with broad interest and involvement in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, ethnic groups in the U.P. (particularly Italian-Americans), and Northern Michigan University.

The collection is divided into several subseries including:  a General File, Course Materials, Writings and Presentations, Northern Michigan University, Italian Organizations in the U.P., Upper Peninsula and Michigan File, and History Student Papers.

The General File (1951-1992) includes biographical materials and information about several of Magnaghi's speaking engagements.  Various history-related project materials are also included for projects which Magnaghi was involved in locally including the Heritage Hotel Project in Marquette, the Historic Preservation Committee, and the U.P. Italian-American Oral History Project which was directed by Magnaghi. Course Materials File (1973-1991) is a small file with fragmentary pieces pertaining to courses taught by Magnaghi as a history professor at Northern Michigan University.

Writings and Presentations (1978-1992) reflect Magnaghi's broad interests in Italian-Americans and other ethnic groups, as well as the history of Michigan's Upper Peninsula dn Include copies of speeches as well as published articles and monographs.

Northern Michigan University File (1959-1992) illustrates Magnaghi's role as participant.  The file includes a good deal of History Department materials such as faculty meeting minutes, correspondence, a departmental history, and academic program activities in which Magnaghi was heavily involved including The Coalition to Save Longyear Hall, NMU Archives, NMU Museum Project, and various history student organizations are also included. Italian Organizations in the Upper Peninsula File (1901-1983) consists of both original and photocopied records of a large variety of Italian organizations in the Upper Peninsula.  These records were originally entrusted to Msgr. David P. Spelgatti who served as secretary of the Federation of Italian American Societies of the Upper Peninsula and had a leadership role in founding the Paisano Club of the Upper Peninsula in 1965.  The records predominately consist of organization by-laws and rule books although there is some correspondence, meeting minutes, membership lists, programs, and miscellaneous materials for the Paisano Club and the Italian American Societies of the Upper Peninsula.

Upper Peninsula and Michigan File (1840-1992) depicts Magnaghi's various roles as historical collector and compiler, researcher, and participant consisting primarily of photocopies of original documents, news clippings, and research notes relating to a wide variety of Upper Peninsula subjects and, to a lesser extent, Michigan in general.  Included are gathered materials on Cornish-Americans, Italian-Americans, Finnish-Americans, Danish-Americans, and Native-Americans in the area.  There is a good deal of materials relating to the Escanaba River Hydroelectric System, Marquette Ore Dock, Michigan's Sesquicentennial Celebration, and the U.P. during World War II all of which Magnaghi either conducted research on or participated in on a project level.

History Student Papers File (1947-1989) include papers relating to the Upper Peninsula only and primarily consist of term papers written by Magnaghi's students although an occasional paper was written for another NMU history professor.

Processed, July 1994

Container List:

1/1   Biographical Information on Russell M. Magnaghi. [1979-1990]
1/2   Correspondence [1971-1988]
1/3   Heritage Hotel Project 1987
1/4   Historic Preservation Committee 1992
1/5   Italian-Americans in the U.P. -- Oral History Project 1982-1983
1/6   Living History Video 1992
1/7   Oral History Information and Projects [1951-1976];n.d.
1/8   Research Notes -- U.P n.d.
1/9   Speaking Engagements and Paper Presentations [1974-1992]
1/10   Course Materials [1974-1983]
1/11   Historical Thinking and Writing, HS 211 -- Student Journals 1991
1/12   History of the American Indian, HS 320 1973
1/13   Students' Vote in 1988 Presidential Election (HS 126:  U.S. to 1865 and HS 211: Historical Thinking and Writing) 1988
1/14   "Bedsheets and Hoods in the Peninsula:  The KKK in the 1920's" by R. Magnaghi n.d.
1/15   "Bibliographic Survey And Scope of Work For Historical Documentation of the Marquette Ore Dock and Its Approaches:  Marquette, Michigan" 1989
1/16   "Bibliography of Periodicals Dealing with U.P. History" By R. Magnaghi n.d.
1/17   Biographical Sketches on Michigan Politicians 1986
1/18   "Blacks in the Colonial Upper Peninsula" 1985
1/19   "The Blemhubers:  Farmers Extraordinaire" 1985
1/20   "The Chinese Experience in Virginia City, Nevada: 1860-1880," By R. Magnaghi n.d.
1/21   "Earthquakes in the Upper Peninsula, 1905-1909" n.d.
1/22   "Everybody but the Finns:  Little-known Ethnic Groups in Michigan's Upper Peninsula" n.d.
1/23   "The German-Hungarian Community at Banat" n.d.
1/24   HS 336: History of Michigan's Upper Peninsula: An Outline 1978
2/1   The Hasinais, edited Manuscript 1987-1988
2/2   "A Historical Sketch of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan during the American Civil War" By R. Magnaghi n.d.
2/3   "Indian Treaties of the Upper Peninsula, 1785-1855," by R. Magnaghi n.d.
2/4   "Italian Organizations in Upper Michigan, 1875-present" By R. Magnaghi n.d.
2/5   "The Isle Royale Compact of 1844:  Fraud or Misunderstanding?" by R. Magnaghi n.d.
2/6   "Italian Heritage in the Upper Peninsula" By R. Magnaghi 1982
2/7   "Jewish Galacian Immigration to America: 19th Century" 1984
2/8   "KB Camp #8, Montmorency County", By R. Magnaghi (Lumbering in Michigan) [ca. 1979]
2/9   Land Use History for Lake Street Extension Project Quincy Street to Michigan Highway M-26, City of Houghton, Houghton County, Michigan, By R. Magnaghi 1985
2/10   "Michigan's Indian Factories at Detroit and Mackinac, 1802-1812" By R. Magnaghi n.d.
2/11   An Outline History of Michigans Upper Peninsula, By Russell M. Magnaghi 1979
2/12   "Prisoner of War Camps in the Upper Peninsula" 1979
2/13   "Report on Native American Habitation In the Vicinity of Chicago on Lake Michigan, Including Recommendations", Submitted by Russel M. Magnaghi 1992
2/14   "Research Guide to Ethnic Lodges and Societies in Marquette County" By R. Magnaghi 1982
2/15   "Snuffy's Saloon" 1981
2/16   "The Upper Peninsula State Fair" 1985
2/17   "Visual History of Upper Michigan's Italian Heritage" By R. Magnaghi 1983
2/18   Black Student Sit-In 1969-1970
2/19   Chase, Lew Allen [1959-1980];n.d.
2/20   Dean of Arts and Sciences Search 1991-1992;n.d.
3/1   Dome Controversy 1971;1977-1978
3/2   Graduate Programs Committee 1990-1992
3/3   History Department 1983;1989
3/4   History Department 1971-1993
3/5   History Department – Bylaws [1977-1987]
3/6   History Department – Correspondence 1964-1993
3/7   History Department -- Correspondence -- Curtis I Cowle 1964
3/8   History Department -- Correspondence -- Visiting Professors 1964-1966
3/9   History Department -- Curriculum Committee [1970-1981;n.d.
3/10   History Department -- Dr. Dwight Dumond 1965
4/1   History Department -- Faculty Meeting Minutes 1972-1982
4/2   History Department -- Faculty Meeting Minutes 1984-1994
4/3   History Department – History n.d.
4/4   History Department -- Public History 1985;n.d.
4/5   History Video n.d.
4/6   Indian Studies Program 1970
4/7   Individually Created Programs Committee 1976-1982;1986
4/8   Institutional Values and Traditions Advisory Committee 1991
4/9   Longyear Hall -- Coalition to Save Longyear Hall (File 1 of 3) 1991
4/10   Longyear Hall -- Coalition to save Longyear Hall (File 2 of 3) 1992
4/11   Longyear Hall -- Coalition to save Longyear Hall (File 3 of 3) n.d.
4/12   NEH Proposal for Film Documentary, "Good Man in the Woods" n.d.
5/1   NMU Archives [1975-1993]
5/2   NMU History Club n.d.
5/3   NMU Museum Project 1966;n.d.
5/4   Olympic Sports Training Center 1984-1985
5/5   Phi Alpha Theta [1970-1993]
5/6   Students [1968-1990]
5/7   Tau Kappa Epsilon 1991
5/8   University Club 1985
5/9   Alpine Club 1911-1922
5/10   American Committee on Italian Immigration [1953-1973]
5/11   American Italian Historical Association, Inc n.d.
5/12   Cirrola Maria Pia, No. 1, U.E.O.D., Hurley, Wis 1912
5/13   Federated Italian American Societies of the Upper Peninsula [1909-1958]
5/14   Federated Italian American Societies of the Upper Peninsula [1961-1982];n.d.
6/1   Federated Italian American Societies of the Upper Peninsula -- Minute Book 1948-1977
6/2   Fratellanza Italiana do Mutuo Soccorso Negaunee, Michigan n.d.
6/3   Giordano Bruno Society Bylaws, Iron River, Michigan 1950;1961;n.d.
6/4   Lega Cittadina Italiana do Mutuo Soccorso No.1, Negaunee, Michigan 1922
6/5   Legione dei Cavalieri di Romolo, Calumet, Michigan n.d.
6/6   Nuova Societa' di Beneficenza Italiana, Calumet, Michigan n.d.
6/7   Paisano Club of Upper Michigan 1965-1975
6/8   Paisano Club -- Action Letters [1965-1975]
6/9   Paisano Club of Upper Michigan – Convocation 1965-1975;1981
6/10   Paisano Club of Upper Michigan – Correspondence [1967-1975]
6/11   Paisano Club -- Emblem, Insignia, and Artifacts 1972-1975;n.d.
6/12   Paisano Club -- Gogebic Chapter 1969-1973
6/13   Paisano Club of Upper Michigan -- Group Tours of Italy [1966-1975]
7/1   Paisano Club of Upper Michigan -- Historical Data 1977-1983
7/2   Paisano Club of Upper Michigan -- Italian Consulate 1962;1968-1974
7/3   Piave Society, Ironwood, Michigan [after 1944]
7/4   Quattro Abruzzi Benevolent Society[after 1910]
7/5   Skinny Club, Calumet, Michigan 1976
7/6   Societa' Bersaghieri Italiani di Savoia, Hurley,Wis. n.d.
7/7   Societa di Mutuo Soccrso, Ishpeming, Michigan 1922;n.d.
7/8   Societa' di Mutuo Soccorso St. Antonoi di Padova, Ishpeming, Michigan1936
7/9   Societa' di Mutuo Soccorso Umbertol, Ishpeming, Mich. 1904
7/10   Societa' Guiseppe Garbaldi Celibi, Calumet, Mich. 1925
7/11   Societa' Italiana di Beneficenza "Duca Degli Abruzze," Caspian, Michigan   1949,1972
7/12   Societa' Italiano di Beneficenza, Iron River, Mich. [after 1935]
7/13   Societa' Italiana di Mutuo Soccorso Guiseppe Mazzini, Negaunee, Michigan n.d.
7/14   Societa' Italiana di Mutuo Soccorso, Iron River, Mich 1929
7/15   Societa' Italiana di Mutuo Soccoroso Lombardo - Veneta, Negaunee, Michigan 1919;n.d.
7/16   Societa di Mutuo Soccorso Vittorio Emanuele III, Iron Mountain, Michigan n.d.
7/17   Societa' Italo-Americane, Calumet, Michigan n.d.
7/18   Societa' Mutuo Socorso Filgi di Colombo, Iron Mountain, Michigan 1922
7/19   Societa' Napoletana di Mutuo Soccorso 1910-1932;1963
7/20   Societa Piava Ricordo 1918
7/21   Societa' Unita Mutuo Soccorso, Bessemer, Michigan 1901
7/22   Unione Coloniale Fra Le Societa' Italo-Americane, Houghton, Keweenaw, and Ontonagon Counties n.d.
8/1   United Ancient Order of Druids, Negaunee Circle No. 2; Negaunee, Michigan [1911-1936]
8/2   United Ancient Order of Druids, Negaunee Grove No. 3, Negaunee, Michigan 1913-1915
8/3   Arab-Americans 1966
8/4   Architecture in the U.P n.d.
8/5   Army Corps of Engineers Records [1965-1979]
8/6   Baraga County n.d.
8/7   Bibliographies -- U.P. History, culture 1976;1982
8/8   Bishop Baraga 1984
8/9   Calumet, Michigan 1984;n.d.
8/10   Churches in the U.P. 1909
8/11   Civilian Conservation Corps n.d.
8/12   Cliff Shaft Mine Nomination 1989-1991;n.d.
8/13   Cohodas Family 1985;1988
8/14   Copper Country 1972;1978;n.d.
8/15   Cornish-Americans 1920
8/16   Court Black Dramond No. 56, Forestors of America, St. Charles, Michigan 1901
9/1   Cram Survey – Menominee 1840
9/2   Croation Fraternal Union of America 1955
9/3   Danish-Americans 1983
9/4   Eastern Europeans in Marquette County n.d.
9/5   Episcopal Diocese of Marquette 1919-1921;n.d.
9/6   Escanaba River Hydroelectric System [1930-1985]
9/7   Escanaba River Hydroelectric System [1987-1991]
9/8   Escanaba River Hydroelectric System n.d.
9/9   Ethnic Groups -- Upper Peninsula 1947;1989
9/10   Finnish-Americans in the Upper Peninsula [1970-1986]
9/11   Fishing 1936;1970
9/12   Fort Mackinac and The Mackinaw Factory 1975;1977;n.d.
9/13   Fort Wilkins 1987
9/14   German-Hungarians 1910;1978;n.d.
9/15   Gogebic County 1890;n.d.
9/16   Gros Cap, Michigan 1956-1958
9/17   Henry Ford and the Upper Peninsula [1973-1987];n.d.
9/18   Hunting 1978
10/1   Italian-Americans [1947-1983]
10/2   Italian-Americans in the U.P. [1920-1991]
10/3   Italian Hall, Calumet, Michigan1982;n.d.
10/4   Italian Newspapers   . 1920;1971;1985
10/5   K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base 1979;n.d.
10/6   Keeweenaw National Historic Park 1987;n.d.
10/7   Kincheloe Air Force Base 1973
10/8   Longyear, John M. 1986;1985
10/9   Mackinac Bridge
10/10   Marquette County Historical Society -- Historical Marker Project 1897;[1913-1987]
10/11   Marquette Historic Preservation Task Force 1991-1992
10/12   Marquette Ore Dock [1927-1933]
10/13   Marquette Ore Dock [1981-1991];n.d.
11/1   Marquette Ore Dock -- Chief Engineers File 1947-1981
11/2   Marquette Ore Dock -- Chief Engineers File 1981-1985
11/3   Marquette Ore Dock -- Chief Engineers File (Dredging and Soundings) 1953-1964
11/4   Marquette Ore Dock -- Chief Engineers File (Dredging and Soundings) 1965
11/5   Marquette Ore Dock -- Chief Engineers File (Electric Power, Wiring, and Fixtures) 1943-1969
12/1   Marquette Ore Dock -- Chief Engineers File (Hoists, General) 1951-1966;n.d.
12/2   Marquette Ore Dock -- Chief Engineers File (Sand and Gravel hopper betw. Bents A-3 and A-4) 1945-1966
12/3   Marquette Ore Dock -- Chief Engineers File (Shelter on top of ore dock) 1953-1957
12/4   Marquette Ore Dock -- Index to Blueprints for the Lower Harbor Trestle and Approach n.d.
12/5   Marquette Ore Dock -- Key to Photographs n.d.
12/6   Marquette Ore Dock -- Misc. [1932-1990];n.d.
12/7   Marquette Ore Dock -- National Historic Engineering Record (File 1 of 2) 1989-1990
12/8   Marquette Ore Dock -- National Historic Engineering Record (File 2 of 2) 1990-1991
12/9   Marquette Ore Dock -- Photograph Photocopies 1990;n.d.
12/10   Memorabilia 1942-1943;n.d.
12/11   Michigan History 1981;1985
12/12   Mining in the Upper Peninsula [1978-1991];n.d.
13/1   National Ski Hall of Fame [1934-1981];n.d.
13/2   National Youth Administration (NYA) in the U.P. 1936;1942;n.d.
13/3   Native-Americans [1904-1979]
13/4   Native-Americans [1980-1992];n.d.
13/5   Newberry, Michigan 1911-1916
13/6   Onota, Michigan n.d.
13/7   Operation Action U.P. (Economic Development) 1963;n.d.
13/8   Place Names in the U.P. [1977-1984];n.d.
13/9   Railroads 1979;1987
13/10   Sesquicentennial Celebration -- Magna Carta Tour 1986-1987;n.d.
13/11   Sesquicentennial Celebration -- Marquette County 1983-1986
13/12   Sesquicentennial Celebration -- Marquette County 1987-1988;n.d.
14/1   Sesquicentennial Celebration – Michigan 1985-1986
14/2   Sesquicentennial Celebration – Michigan 1987-1988;n.d.
14/3   Sesquicentennial Celebration -- Michigan -- Informational 1987;n.d.
14/4   Sesquicentennial Celebration -- Michigan -- Informational Items 1986-1987
14/5   Sesquicentennial Celebration – NMU  1985-1988;n.d.
14/6   Sesquicentennial Celebration -- NMU Arts and Lecture 1975;1986-1987
14/7   Sesquicentennial Celebration -- NMU Sesquicentennial Ball 1986-1987;n.d.
14/8   Spanish Flu in Marquette County, 1981-1919 n.d.
14/9   Settlements in the U.P. 1979
14/10   Teenie Weenies Comic Strip (William Donahey, Creator)   1979;n.d.
15/1   U.P. – History [1979-1981]
15/2   U.P. -- Miscellaneous   1963;197801985
15/3   Upper Peninsula Catholic Association   1987;1989;n.d.
15/4   Upper Peninsula Statehood   1977;n.d.
15/5   World War I and the U.P. 1943
15/6   World War I and the U.P   1944;1975;1985
15/7   World War II -- African-American Military Units in the U.P. 1980-1981;n.d.
15/8   World War II -- Conscientious Objector Camps in Michigan [1940-1945];n.d.
15/9   World War II -- Conscientious Objector Camps in Michigan 1980
15/10   World War II -- Ground Observer Corps, Sault Ste Marie, Michigan 1942-1943
15/11   World War II -- P.O.W. Camps in the U.P. [1944-1984]
15/12   "Yesteryears in Superiorland" (Mining Journal Column with News from 30 and 60 years ago) Nov1973-June1974
15/13   "Yesteryears in Superiorland" July -Nov1974
15/14   "Yesteryears from Superiorland" 1975-1976
16/1   Autobiographical Sketches n.d.
16/2   Student Reminiscences 1989
16/3   "Accounts of Upper Peninsula Indians Procurement and Uses of the Black Bear", By Carolyn J. Kallery 1977
16/4   "Acquisition of the Upper Peninsula As Compensation For the Toledo Strip", By Edward Hodges n.d.
16/5   "Alexander Agassiz, his influence in the Copper Country" By Lois Seaton (HS 336) n.d.
16/6   "An American Dream:  Conflict of Two Worlds", (Alger County Conflict between Development and Environmentalism) By Theodore N. Gherondas (SP495) n.d.
16/7   "American Troops Occupy Mackinac Island", By Charles G. Larson 1980
16/8   "An Anatomy of a Racist University", (NMU) By David Williams (HS 599) 1970
16/9   "Attack at Sault Ste. Marie By Americans During War of 1812", by Leonard P. Olson 1980
16/10   "Auto Ferry Service is Established at the Straits of Mackinac", By James Marana 1980
16/11   "The Barnes-Hecker Mining Disaster"(sic), By Mark S. Pulver 1980
16/12   "Blaney: Lumber Baron's Model Town", By Judith A. Sundstrom 1983
16/13   "A Brief Historical-Social Sketch of Southern Dickinson County", By John N. Meyer and Lawrence J. Negro (HS 598) 1978
16/14   "A Brief History of the Slate Quarries in Arvon Township, Baraga County", By Karen Sands n.d.
16/15   "A Brief History of Thompson", By Katherine Daly (HS 495) 1977
16/16   "British Attack on Mackinac Island During the War of 1812", By Shirley Walker 1980
16/17   "The British Move the Fort to Mackinac Island", By Lori J. Hoeraut 1980
16/18   "Brookridge: White Elephant of the Marquette Community", By Cindy L. Durand (HS 211) 1988
16/19   "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?" (The Depression in Iron Mountain), By Milton R. Wirth (HS 598) 1977
16/20   "Calumet and Hecla Mining Company Organized", By Paul Thomasini
16/21   "Calumet's Theatre: Community Treasure", By Ellen Poisson (HS 211) 1981
16/22   "Camp Big Bay" (Civilian Conservation Corps), By John Underhill n.d.
16/23   "Capital Punishment in Michigan", By Patrice Zyburt 1980
16/24   "The Carp River Forge", By David L. Fisher 1980
16/25   "Catherine Bonifas, Her Bequests", By Kathleen Creten (HS 495) 1984
16/26   "Chapin Mine", By Mike Carey n.d.
16/27   "The Chapin Mine Opens", By Sally Hill n.d.
16/28   "Charles DeLanglade: A Biographical Sketch", By Matthew J. Surrell (Michigan History) 1985
16/29   "Charles T. Harvey and the Northern Furnace", By Julia Jarosz (HS 211) 1989
16/30   "A Chronicle of the Boundary Dispute and the Debates of  Congress Preceding the Admission of the State of Michigan into our Federal Union", By Bryan A. Gentilini 1988
16/31   "City of Marquette Founded in 1849", By Lorraine Johnson n.d.
16/32   "Civilian Conservation Corps Established", By Phyllis A. Coombs (HS 336) 1984
16/33   "Clarksburg 1862-1979", By Jean Eliason (HS 495) 1979
17/1   "Closing the Chapin Mine", By Shirley Jouppi 1980
17/2   "Comparing the Traditional and Modern Indian; Has He Adapted?", By Jay Pysock 1977
17/3   "A Comparison and Contrast of the British and French Approach to the Fur Trade of the North Up to 1765 (HS 495) n.d.
17/4   "The Construction of the Railroad from Marquette to L'anse", By Regina Theriault 1982
17/5   "The Country Chapel, Skandia, Michigan", By Deri S. Glenn (HS 211) 1980
17/6   "Creation of the Hiawatha National Forest", By Betty J. Schlosser (History of the UP) 1984
17/7   "The Creation of the DNR", By Greg Aartila n.d.
17/8   "A Critical Study of Gros Cap and Ste. Helena Island, beginning in 1665", By Toni M. Waldecker n.d.
17/9   "Daniel Ward Powell: Marquette Pioneer 1845-1923", By Susan Hornbogen (HS 176) n.d.
17/10   "Dedication of Isle Royale National Park", By Laura A.  Furstenau 1980
17/11   "Dedication of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore", By Lindlee C. Hamlin 1980
17/12   "Development and Economic Aspects of Mackinac Island", By Jane Code Deschamps (HS 335) 1980
17/13   "The Development of Crystal Falls", By Wayde Floodstrand (Michigan History) 1980
17/14   "The Development of Traunik, Michigan", By Vickie Isaacson (HS 495) 1984
17/15   "Drummond Island", By Tangyla Woodson 1985
17/16   "The Early Days of Blaney Park", By Jeff Canfield (HS 211) 1988
17/17   "Early Education of The Chippewa Indians at Sault St. Marie, Michigan", By Mari Ullenbrunch (HS498) 1984
17/18   "Early Exploration of Copper in the Lake Superior Region", By John Ghiardi n.d.
17/19   "The Early History of L'Anse with Emphasis on the Fur Trade", By Lynn Ketola (HS 495) 1982
17/20   "The Early History of the First Church of Christian Scientists Marquette, Michigan", By Eugene Hoffman (HS 211) 1988
17/21   "The Economic Impact of the Departure of the Ford Motor Company", By John N. Meyer (Historiography 500) 1968
17/22   "The Edmund Fitzgerald", By Kim Dennis (History of the U.P.) 1984
17/23   "Edwin Hulbert Discovers Copper", By Susan R. Hallgren 1980
17/24   "The Emigration of Finnish-Americans to Soviet Karelia in the 1930's", By Michael D. Lammi (HS 211) 1988
17/25   "Escanaba's Historic House of Ludington", By Sara M. Beck (Michigan History) 1985
17/26   "Establishment of Bay de Noc Community College", By Donna McMohon (HS 495) 1984
17/27   "The Establishment of St. Ignace", By Beth Gordon 1980
17/28   "Establishment of the Marquette County Historical Society", By Jim Stedman 1984
17/29   "Ethnic Rivalries in the Upper Peninsula 1845-1933", By Kristen L. Anderson (HS 211) 1989
17/30   "Father Marquette Leaves to Discover the Mississippi River", By Toni L. Chemis 1980
17/31   "Finnish-Americans and Communism", By Michael D. Lammi (HS 490) 1989
17/32   "Firewood in the Upper Lakes Region, 1830's and 1840's", By Ted Bays (HS 498) 1978
17/33   "Foreign Languages as Language of Instruction in Parochial Schools", By Judy Donckers (PS 520) 1979
17/34   "Formation of the National Ski Association", By Bruce A. Noren 1980
17/35   "Fort Mackinac is Taken During Pontiacs' Rebellion 1763", By Andrew Miller 1980
17/36   "Fort Wilkins Opened", By Darwin P. Gager 1980
17/37   "Fredric Baraga:  How His Education Influenced His Mission Work in Michigan", By Ruth M. Murphy (HS 335) 1985
17/38   "Fur Trapping, An American Heritage", By Robert Whitens (HS 495) n.d.
17/39   "The German Community and the Siegfried Zerb el Family" n.d.
17/40   "German Prisoner of War Camp at Pori", By Ashley F. Luplow (HS 336) 1982
17/41   "Ghosties, Beasties, and Other Things that go Thump in the Night of the Marquette Area", By Charlene C. York (HS 295) n.d.
17/42   "Gogebic Iron Range Labor Strike of 1894:  A History of Events as Reported in the Ironwood News Record", By Todd A. Weingartner n.d.
17/43   "The Grand Hotel", By Leisa-Anne Smith (HS 336) 1980
17/44   "The Grand Hotel, Then and Now", (HS 295) 1982
17/45   "A Guide to Researching Local History in Marquette County", By David Snyder (HS 495) 1979
17/46   "The Hancock Home Study Club -- The First Fifty Years",  By Ramona Anderson (History of the U.P.) 1982
17/47   "Hannahville Indian Community", By Laurie Pokladowski n.d.
17/48   "Hawarden Inn", By Jane Ebbesen n.d.
17/49   "Health Care in Marquette County",  n.d.
18/1   "Hermansville; The town the Meyer and Earle Families Made into "IXL Town, USA"", By Randy R. Cooper (HS 335) 1985
18/2   "Henry Ford and the Upper Peninsula Connection", By Barry Lucas (HS 211) 1981
18/3   "Henry Ford in Big Bay", By Cheryl Couch 1979
18/4   "Henry Ford's Contribution to American Society", By Terence Hutch 1985
18/5   "Henry R. Schoolcraft Comes to Sault Ste. Marie", By Paul M. Walker 1980
18/6   "Hiawatha Village: An Experiment in Cooperation", By O.E. Powers n.d.
18/7   "History of Alger County", By Faye Swanberg n.d.
18/8   "The History of Mackinac Island as a Tourist Attraction" By James Simpson (HS 336) 1979
18/9   "The History of Marquette County Airport", By Thomas M. Sullivan (HS 176) n.d.
18/10   "A History of Moran Township, Mackinac County", By Toni M. Waldecker (HS 495) n.d.
18/11   "The History of Phi Alpha Theta's Omicron-Mu Chapter", By Elizabeth J. Mowen (HS 498) 1989
18/12   "The History of the Cliffs Dow Chemical Company", By Michael Camilli (History of the U.P.) 1985
18/13   "A History of the Gwinn Area Community Schools", (HS 495) 1977
18/14   "A History of the Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Power Canal; 1845-1902", by Ronald J. Wilson 1975
18/15   "History of the Sea Lamprey in the Great Lakes", By Kelly Thomson (HS 335) 1985
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