How to Use the Records Retention and Disposition Schedules Database

The Northern Michigan University Records Retention and Disposition Schedules are maintained on an MS Access database. Click here to download a copy of the database.

  1. Click open the left hand navigation page;
  2. Under “Forms,” select “catalog”


This page is a copy of the first record in the database. The blue rectangle to the right of the data field is a search button. Select this button to conduct a keyword search within that data field. A bar at the bottom of the screen will indicate the record number, allow browsing, and keyword search across the database.

Definition of Important Terms

  1. Description    

This data field identifies the office function documented by the record series. The field also lists the types of records, such as correspondence, reports, forms, etc.

  1. Record Copy

This data field identifies of the office that maintains the primary record or is the record creator.

  1. Confidential and Confidentiality Statement

These data fields indicate whether the record series is open to immediate public inspection. If it is not, the Confidentiality Statement will identify the applicable University policy, state or federal statute, or state administrative rule.

  1. Vital Record

This data field indicates whether the record series is essential to the office’s operation. The field is a records management tool used to develop an office disaster plan.