Archives Reference Files and Miscellaneous

The Reference Files contain a wide variety of materials and information related to the Central Upper Peninsula, Northern Michigan University, and the region.

ARCHIV-001 Archivist File - Central Upper Peninsula Michigan.
ARCHIV-002 Archivist File - Northern Michigan University.
ARCHIV-003 Vertical File.
ARCHIV-004 Masters Theses on Microfiche.
ARCHIV-005 Microfilmed Newspapers.
ARCHIV-006 Miscellaneous.
ARCHIV-007 Northern Michigan University Memorabilia.
ARCHIV-008 Slides.
ARCHIV-009 Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Slide collection.
ARCHIV-010 Northern Michigan University Yearbooks reference copies.
ARCHIV-011 Newspapers and Magazines.
ARCHIV-012 Artificial File.
ARCHIV-013 Student Papers.
ARCHIV-014 Photograph File.
ARCHIV-015 Architectural Plans and Drawings. Film Collection.
ARCHIV-016 Maps and Plans.

MISC-001 Soil Survey of Marquette County. Separated Soil, Bedrock Geology, and Landform Maps.
MISC-002 Geology of Marquette and Sands Quadrangles, Marquette, Separated Geologic Maps.
MISC-003 Kirkollinen Kalenteri Church calendars.
MISC-004 Harlow's Wooden Man journal, Marquette County Historical Society.
MISC-005 Henry R. Schoolcraft papers (microfilm).