University Series: Non-Current

These are groupings of related records created by Northern Michigan University staff while carrying out their assigned official functions. Such records are public records.

Univ Series-001 McClellan, Robert F. papers.
Univ Series-002 Audio Visual Services general file.
Univ Series-004 The Quill Magazine.
Univ Series-005 The Midget Quill Magazine.
Univ Series-006 Institutional Research Surveys and Studies.
Univ Series-007 Institutional Research Enrollment and Performance Reports.
Univ Series-008 Olson Library Historical Reference File.
Univ Series-009 Planning and Analytical Studies general file.
Univ Series-010 Planning and Analytical Studies Cooperative Research Program Reports and photographs.
Univ Series-011 Research and Development Office Funded Grants file.
Univ Series-012 Communications Office News Releases, General and Sports.
Univ Series-013 Communications Office News Releases, Sports.
Univ Series-014 Academic Affairs Division Accreditation Self-Study file.
Univ Series-015 Northern Michigan University Accreditation Reports.
Univ Series-016 Northern State Teacher College scrapbooks.
Univ Series-017 Lowe, John N. papers.
Univ Series-018 Strolle, Roland S. reminiscence.
Univ Series-019 Northern Michigan University Alumni war correspondence.
Univ Series-020 Kress, Henrietta Inderbitzen student materials.
Univ Series-021 Lewis, Peters papers.
Univ Series-022 Northern Michigan University Card File, Graduates.
Univ Series-023 Northern Michigan University Card File, Faculty.
Univ Series-024 Northern Michigan University Card File, Graduates in the Armed Forces.
Univ Series-025 Northern Michigan University Card File, Student Organization Officers.
Univ Series-026 Northern Michigan University Card File, Club Advisors.
Univ Series-027 Northern Michigan University Card File, Kappa Delta Phi Members.
Univ Series-028 Northern Michigan University Card File, Non-Graduates.
Univ Series-029 Northern Michigan University Card File, Phi Epsilon Members.
Univ Series-030 Northern Michigan University Card File, Clubs and Organizations.
Univ Series-031 Academic Senate records.
Univ Series-032 The Masquers scrapbooks and records.
Univ Series-033 Department of Sociology and Social Work departmental file.
Univ Series-034 Cambium Club records.
Univ Series-035 Witting, Catherine scrapbook.
Univ Series-036 Jamrich, John X. papers.
Univ Series-037 Admissions Office American College Testing Program Statistics.
Univ Series-038 University Relations Division, McGoff Distinguished Lecture Series records.
Univ Series-039 Northern State Normal School Calendars.
Univ Series-040 Northern Michigan College, Nursing Class scrapbooks and photographs.
Univ Series-041 Registrar's Office, Registration and Scheduling.
Univ Series-042 Communications Office, News Releases, General.
Univ Series-043 Stenkamp, Frederick H. papers.
Univ Series-044 Consumer and Family Studies Department departmental file.
Univ Series-045 Consumer and Family Studies Syllabi file.
Univ Series-046 Maier, Clifford F. papers.
Univ Series-047 Magnaghi, Russel M. papers.
Univ Series-048 Mather, Elizabeth scrapbook.
Univ Series-049 Sports Information Office Hockey Championship file.
Univ Series-050 President's Office, President's Subject and Correspondence file.
Univ Series-051 Watanen, John R. papers and University Club records.
Univ Series-052 Office of Communications and Marketing, Campus Newsletter.
Univ Series-053 Amnesty International, NMU Chapter records.
Univ Series-055 Jones, Gene D.L. papers.
Univ Series-056 Communications Office, Faculty Facts.
Univ Series-057 Office of Alumni Relations, Alumni Publications file.
Univ Series-058 Board of Control minutes.
Univ Series-059 Communications Office, News Clippings file.
Univ Series-060 Academic Senate minutes and agendas.
Univ Series-061 Department of History records.
Univ Series-063 Hilton, Miriam B. papers.
Univ Series-064 K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base Extension Office general file.
Univ Series-065 Hilton, Earl papers.
Univ Series-066 College of Technology and Applied Sciences, Industrial Education course file.
Univ Series-067 Waldo, Dwight B. papers.
Univ Series-068 Vice President for University Relations, presidential file.
Univ Series-069 Coalition to Save Historic Longyear Hall records.
Univ Series-070 Carter, Robert E. papers.
Univ Series-071 American Association of University Professors (AAUP), Northern Michigan University Chapter records.
Univ Series-072 Academic Senate Correspondence file.
Univ Series-073 Academic Senate Committee file.
Univ Series-075 Chase, Lew Allen papers.
Univ Series-076 Northern Michigan University Interoffice Memoranda and Publications.
Univ Series-077 Northern Michigan University Miscellaneous Publications and Reports.
Univ Series-078 Northern Michigan University Faculty Publications file.
Univ Series-079 WNMU Radio and Television records.
Univ Series-081 Carter, James A. papers.
Univ Series-082 Holmund, Walter S. papers.
Univ Series-083 Northern Michigan University Faculty Organization records.
Univ Series-084 Dean of Students Office Faculty News Bulletin.
Univ Series-085 Register, Degreen and Enrollment registers.
Univ Series-086 Office of Institutional Research records.
Univ Series-087 Michigan Student Education Association scrapbook.
Univ Series-088 North Wind general file.
Univ Series-089 Northern Michigan University Brochures and Booklets file.
Univ Series-090 Academic Senate, Committee on Undergraduate Programs records.
Univ Series-091 Academic Senate, Faculty Grants and Committees records.
Univ Series-092 Intercollegiate Athletics records.
Univ Series-093 Sports Information Office records.
Univ Series-094 Administrative Services Division Audit reports.
Univ Series-095 Northern Michigan University Board of Control, Union Agreements.
Univ Series-096 Vice President for Finance and Administration Office Budget reports.
Univ Series-097 Northern Michigan University Commencement Materials.
Univ Series-098 Northern Michigan University Commencement Programs.
Univ Series-099 Communications Office Faculty and Staff information.
Univ Series-100 Vice President for Finance and Administration Office, Facts About Northern.
Univ Series-101 Financial Services financial reports.
Univ Series-102 College of Graduate Studies graduate bulletins.
Univ Series-103 State of Michigan, Northern Michigan University Legislative Budget Hearings.
Univ Series-104 Northern Michigan University Press Publications.
Univ Series-105 Research and Development Office records.
Univ Series-106 Dean of Students Office Student Code and Student Handbook.
Univ Series-107 Northern Michigan University Student Literature and Art Magazines.
Univ Series-108 Continuing Education Office Summer Course bulletins.
Univ Series-109 Telephone Systems Office Telephone Directories.
Univ Series-110 Vice President on Academic Affairs Office undergraduate bulletins (catalogs).
Univ Series-112 Northern Michigan University yearbooks.
Univ Series-113 Lambda Chi Alpha, Lambda Upsilon chapter records.
Univ Series-114 Upward Bound records.
Univ Series-115 Hager, George W. student materials.
Univ Series-116 Fredrickson, Myrtle scrapbook.
Univ Series-117 Black Student Services records.
Univ Series-118 Densmore, Priscilla diary.
Univ Series-119 NMU Commission for Women records.
Univ Series-120 Tape, Henry A. papers.
Univ Series-121 Munson, John M. papers.
Univ Series-122 Academic Affairs, Academic Program Review file.
Univ Series-124 Legler, Philip papers.
Univ Series-125 Communication and Performance Studies Department, Theatre Announcements and Programs.
Univ Series-126 Wathera, Kauko A. and Myrtle, student records and event programs.
Univ Series-127 Sociology and Social Work Department departmental file.
Univ Series-128 Northern Michigan University Events Announcements and Programs.
Univ Series-129 Multicultural Affairs Office records.
Univ Series-130 Research and Development Office general file.
Univ Series-131 Communication and Performance Studies Department departmental file.
Univ Series-132 Criminal Justice Department course syllabi.
Univ Series-133 Communications Office, News Releases, general file.
Univ Series-134 Continuing Education and Sponsored Programs general file and photographs.
Univ Series-136 Music Department, departmental file and photographs.
Univ Series-137 Vice President for Student Affairs Office general file.
Univ Series-138 Aho, Arnold (American Association of University Professors (AAUP) ) papers.
Univ Series-140 Watanen, John R., Vietnam War Moratorium papers.
Univ Series-141 Carter, James news bureau file.
Univ Series-142 Biology Department senior theses.
Univ Series-143 Communications and Performance Studies correspondence.
Univ Series-144 Academic Information Services annual reports.
Univ Series-145 Hadley, Theodosia H. lettter.
Univ Series-146 Education Department, Driving Training scrapbook.
Univ Series-147 Education Department, Home Economics scrapbook.
Univ Series-148 Goudge, Edyth physiology notebook.
Univ Series-149 Ervast, Lulu M. papers.
Univ Series-151 Communications Office sports releases.
Univ Series-152 Kingsbury, Stewart A. papers.
Univ Series-153 Administrative and Information Technologies Office, Legislation and Michigan Public Service Commission Interventions.
Univ Series-154 Athletic Council records.
Univ Series-155 Assistant to the President for Strategic Planning.
Univ Series-156 Justice Studies Department.