Manuscript Collection

These are the collections of individuals, families, and businesses related to the Central Upper Peninsula or Northern Michigan University.

MSS-001 Anderson, Lloyd papers. 1966-1971;1982.
MSS-002 Jaques family genealogy.
MSS-003 Turbessi, Anelio Frances papers. 1882-1945.
MSS-004 Losey, Elizabeth Browne Beard records. 1897-1988.
MSS-005 Aurora newsletter. 1991-1994.
MSS-006 Zonta Club records. 1983-2004.
MSS-007 Women's Campaign file collection. 1972-1995.
MSS-008 Cliffs Dow Company records. 1934-1984.
MSS-009 Bordeau, Robert M. papers. 1955-1982.
MSS-010 Pythian Sisters of Ishpeming records. 1960-1968.
MSS-011 Citizens to Save Superior Shorelines records. 1967-1993.
MSS-012 Rock Maple Ridge Workers Association records. 1873-1983
MSS-013 Marquette Community Board of Supervisors proceedings. 1933-1941. 
MSS-014 Marquette County 25th Judicial Circuit Court records. 1929-1956.
MSS-015 Marquette Community Theatre records. circa.1963-circa.1978. 
MSS-016 Marquette Lower Harbor Iron Ore Dock blueprints. 1931-1932.
MSS-017 Goulette, James J. papers. 1936-1993.
MSS-018 Cohodas, Sam M. papers. 1903-1988.
MSS-019 Boyd, John letters. 1929-1945.
MSS-020 Wiitala, Harold photographs. 1952-1955.
MSS-021 The Sami People photographs. 1954.
MSS-022 Olson, Lydia M. memorabilia. 
MSS-023 Clark, Martha letters.  1911.
MSS-024 Iron Workers Local 783 records. 1957-1994.
MSS-025 Green, Warren papers. 1927-1939;1994.
MSS-027 Defant, Geraldine papers. 1946-1996.
MSS-028 Marquette Ambassadors Club records. 1965-1969.
MSS-029 Ronn, Ernest records. 1946-1999.
MSS-030 Peters, Tom sports memorabilia. 1968-1996.
MSS-031 Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan records. 1894-1994.
MSS-033 Rigby, William H. papers. 1970.
MSS-034 Canale, Gildo sports memorabilia. 1928-1992.
MSS-036 Cleveland Cliffs Iron Mining Company records. 1918-1920.
MSS-037 United Steel Workers of America Local 4950 photographs. 1946.
MSS-038 Upper Peninsula Building and Construction Trades Council Records. 1973, 1975, 1979-1996.
MSS-039 Voelker, John D. papers. circa.1900-1990.
MSS-040 McIntosh, W. Douglas letters and photographs. circa.1920.
MSS-041 Northern State Normal School photographs. circa.1905.
MSS-042 Charlton, Frederick photographs.
MSS-043 Future Teachers of America Workshop photographs. 1964.
MSS-044 Sheet Metal Workers Local 94 records. 1947, 1956-1982.
MSS-045 Golden Wildcat Club records. 1986-1990.
MSS-046 Bourgeois, Leslie family films. 1920-1969.
MSS-047 Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights Local 1510 records. circa.1907-1980.
MSS-048 Whitman, Margaret papers. 1949-1991.
MSS-049 Gant, Luther O. papers. 1930-1961.
MSS-050 Roberts, Forest papers. 1917-1997.
MSS-051 Swain, Howard R. papers. 1969-1989.
MSS-052 Peter White Land Company records.
MSS-053 Mather Inn Preservation Society records. 1986.
MSS-054 O'Dell, Richard papers. 1959-1991.
MSS-055 The Mather Inn records. 1929-1986.
MSS-056 Italian-American Federation of the Upper Peninsula records. 1922.
MSS-057 Dell Alpino Club records. 1911-1922.
MSS-058 Marquette High School Agora yearbooks. 1902-1907.
MSS-059 Northern Supper Club records.
MSS-060 Gagliardi, Pat papers.
MSS-061 Barbeau and Scranton Shipping records.
MSS-062 K.I. Sawyer Support Group records.
MSS-063 Theta Omicron Rho photographs.
MSS-064 St. Paul's Episcopal Church records.
MSS-069 Hogan, John M. papers.
MSS-070 Western, Charles J. papers.
MSS-072 Bietila Brothers photographs.
MSS-073 Mattson, Ellwood photographs.
MSS-074 Metz, June photographs.
MSS-076 Varnum, Charles H. papers. 1964-1988.
MSS-077 Harden, Edgar L. papers. 
MSS-078 Jacobetti, Dominic J. papers. 1954-1994.
MSS-079 Delta Kappa Gamma Society, Delta Chapter records.
MSS-080 Northern Michigan University Centennial Book photographs.
MSS-081 Binsfeld, Connie papers.
MSS-082 Delta Sigma Nu scrapbook.
MSS-084 Chiri family photographs.
MSS-085 Collection of "Iron Ore."
MSS-086 Collection of "The Sunday Sun."
MSS-087 Collection of "University Free Press"
MSS-088 Peace newspaper. 1969.
MSS-089 Collection of "The Local Truth."
MSS-090 Marquette General Hospital records.
MSS-091 St. Stephen's Episcopal Church records. 1901-1995.
MSS-092 Greising, Jack H. papers.
MSS-093 Communications Workers of America records.
MSS-094 United Paperworkers International Union (UPIU), Locals 209 and 110 records.
MSS-095 Bowden, Jeanete S. papers.
MSS-096 Citizens to Save Little Presque Isle and Wetmore Landing records.
MSS-097 Moisio, Elmer papers.
MSS-098 Marquette County Labor Council records.
MSS-099 C.V. Money Naming Committee records. 
MSS-100 Jamrich, John X. photographs.
MSS-101 Hatch, Martha and Perry papers.
MSS-103 Gwinn and Sawyer Area Chamber of Commerce newspapers.
MSS-104 United Automobile, Aircraft, and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW) Local 2178 (Technical, Office, and Professional) Union records.
MSS-105 Marquette Senior High School Tatler yearbook.
MSS-106 Gwinn Area Chamber of Commerce records. 
MSS-107 Seaborg, Glenn T. papers.
MSS-108 Seney National Wildlife Refuge records.
MSS-110 Laidlaw, Clara papers.
MSS-111 Oral Histories of September 11, 2001. 2002.
MSS-112 ALLIES/OUTlook records.
MSS-113 Red Dust Oral History collection.
MSS-114 Craig, Ruth papers.
MSS-115 Rotary Club of Marquette records.
MSS-116 Paisano Club of Upper Michigan records. 1962-1990, 1963-1985.
MSS-117 Consolidated Fuel and Lumber Company records.
MSS-118 White Deer Lake Lodge journal. 1908-1909.
MSS-119 Oliver Iron Mining Company engineering blueprints.
MSS-120 United Ancient Order of Druids, Negaunee Grove No. 3 records. 1913-1997.
MSS-121 Beta Omega Tau records.
MSS-122 Briar Hill Mine Shaft blueprint.
MSS-125 Public History (HS 380) student oral history projects.
MSS-126 Adams, Ansel oral history interview.
MSS-127 The Soo Hardware Company records.
MSS-128 St. Louis the King Catholic Church presentation.
MSS-129 Russo, Nancy school memorabilia.
MSS-130 Young, Roscoe C. autobiography. 1920.
MSS-132 Mazina'igan.
MSS-133 Bay Mills News: Gnoozhekaaning Bidajimowin newspapers.
MSS-134 The Sault Tribe News newspapers.
MSS-135 City of Marquette annual reports.
MSS-136 William Bonifas Lumber Company records.
MSS-137 Cegmer Segs and Zeta Chi Phi Sorority records. 
MSS-138 Kinnunen, Sylvia papers.
MSS-141 Sawyer Crime Initiative Report.
MSS-143 Marquette County Green Party records.
MSS-144 Halverson, Lynn H.
MSS-145 Tibbitts, Julia K. papers.
MSS-146 Culinary Students of Northern Michigan University records.
MSS-147 Industrial Arts Club records.
MSS-148 Hargrave and Hill General Store records.
MSS-149 Ishpeming Co-Operative Society account book.
MSS-150 Spelgatti, David letters.
MSS-151 Morgan Heights Sanatorium photographs.
MSS-152 Thoren, Rollie photographs. 1935.
MSS-153 Longshoremen's Union Local 1673 records.
MSS-155 International Reading Association -  College Literacy and Learning Special Interest Group records.
MSS-156 Marquette Federation of Women's Clubs records.
MSS-157 Thorburn, Russell papers. 1977-2013.
MSS-158 Michigan AFSCME-AFL/CIO Councils, 7, 11, and 25 records.
MSS-159 Bunker, Muriel papers.
MSS-160 Economic Club of Marquette County records.
MSS-161 Langaas, John diaries.
MSS-162 Bookbinders Cafe photographs.
MSS-163 American Association of University Women (AAUW) Marquette Branch records.
MSS-164 Gaball family photographs.
MSS-165 Marquette Choral Society records.
MSS-166 C.V. "Red" Money papers.
MSS-169 Sabin, Fred papers.
MSS-170 Tomasi, George papers. 1952-2009.
MSS-171 Greifer, Elisha papers.
MSS-172 Dreisbach, Donald F. papers.
MSS-173 Bay de Noquet Company and Oconto Company records​.
MSS-174 Bailey, Judith papers.
MSS-175 Maier, Clifford M. papers. 1960-1992.
MSS-176 County of Marquette, County Commission minutes.
MSS-180 Oral Histories of Underground Iron Miners.
MSS-181 Bharath, Rhamachandran papers.
MSS-182 Kelley, Kenneth W. papers.
MSS-183 Transcendental Club records.
MSS-184 Foster, Leslie D. papers. 1964-1989.
MSS-185 Glenn, Robert B. papers.
MSS-186 Earney, Fillmore C.F. papers.
MSS-188 Purosk, Rudi papers. 1979-1994.
MSS-189 Barry, Roger D. papers.
MSS-190 Roth, Jerome A. papers.
MSS-191 Robinson, William L. papers.
MSS-192 Associated Students of Northern Michigan University (ASNMU) records.
MSS-194 The North Wind records.
MSS-195 Cantrill, James G. papers.
MSS-196 Upper Peninsula Sled Dog Association records.
MSS-197 "Cornish in Michigan" research records.
MSS-198 Collection of Tribal Newspapers.
MSS-199 City of Marquette, City Commission minutes. 
MSS-201 Collection of "Potawatomi Traveling Times" newspapers.
MSS-207 Collection of "Lac du Flambeau News" newspapers.
MSS-208 Collection of "News from the Sloughs" newspapers. 
MSS-209 Collection of "The Tribal Observer."
MSS-210 Collection of "News from Indian Country" newspapers.
MSS-211 Rock Cooperative Company records.
MSS-215 Collection of "Menominee Tribal News" newspapers.
MSS-231 Kiltinen, John papers.  1968-1993, 1972-1990.
MSS-235 Collection of "Indian Country Today: The Nations' Leading American Indian News Source" newspapers​.
MSS-236 WWI Negaunee Troops photograph.
MSS-239 Northern Michigan University Women records.
MSS-242 Shiras, George III papers.
MSS-243 Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University video collection.
MSS-247 Northern Michigan University Football Team photographs.
MSS-248 Marquette County Democratic Party records.
MSS-249 SEAFARER Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Submarine Command and Control Communications System records.
MSS-250 Marquette County Record of Nurses records.
MSS-251 Spencer, Heather L. papers.
MSS-252 Janzen House records.
MSS-254 Ishpeming Ski Club records.
MSS-255 Schils, Jospehine Hurst scrapbook.
MSS-256 Ostlund, Tyyne papers.
MSS-262 Jamrich, John X. and June Jamrich Dinner photographs
MSS-263 Marquette West Rotary records.
MSS-265 Collection of "Tekawennake: Six Nations-New Credit Reporter" newspapers.
MSS-266 Collection of "The Nishnawbe News" newspapers.
MSS-269 Collection of "Anishinaabe News" newsletters.
MSS-271 Collection of "Kalihwisaks" newspapers.
MSS-272 Collection of "Seminole Tribune" newspapers.
MSS-273 Collection of "The Sault Tribe News" Annual Reports
MSS-279 Northern Michigan University Distinguished Alumni, Faculty, and Citizenship Awards records.
MSS-283 Petersen, Judith Burrows scrapbook.
MSS-284 Glenn T. Seaborg Visit to Northern Michigan University scrapbook​.
MSS-285 Dedication of the Ada B. Vielmetti Health Center scrapbook​.
MSS-287 Collection of "Giikendaam Chiwiikwegamag"​ newspapers.
MSS-288 Collection of "NARF Legal Review" newsletters.​
MSS-289 Collection of "Michigan Indian Quarterly" newsletters.
MSS-290 Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Phonographic Record collection.
MSS-292 Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD): National Freshman Honors Society records.
MSS-294 Mehrman's Plumberettes versus All-Stars: Softball Game recordings.
MSS-295 Marquette Symphony Orchestra records.
MSS-298 Olson, Jennie Eline diary.
MSS-299 Wong, Phyllis papers.
MSS-300 Eklund, Helen and Ebba papers.
MSS-301 Office of Indian Affairs (OIA) microfilm.
MSS-302 The Women's Center Oral History Collection.
MSS-306 Hallfrisch, Frances scrapbook.
MSS-307 Grand Island Lighthouse photographs.