Kaye Hall

Built in 1915 and housing the gymnasium, auditorium, library, administrative offices, and several classrooms; Kaye Hall quickly became the symbol of Northern and a focal point for student life. Kaye, Longyear, and Peter White halls were built of native Marquette sandstone with distinctive reddish and cream markings and the turreted "castle gothic" structures formed the heart of the institution. The Kaye Hall foyer was where important notices were posted. It was also the gathering place for many dances as well as holiday town-gown receptions. Balconies overlooking the foyer were excellent vantage points to watch festivities from. It was named for James Kaye, Northern's second principal and first president, in the 1940's. In 1971, a Save Kaye Hall Committee was formed. However, no agreement was reached and destruction of Kaye Hall, Peter White Hall of Science, and the twelve-year old Lydia Olson Library was completed October 1972.