John D. Pierce School

A laboratory school was established in 1900, but a separate building for it was not built at that time. At first, the laboratory school made use of Third Street School in Marquette. Upon completion of Peter White Hall in 1902, training school rooms were opened in South Wing for kindergarten to six grades. Longyear Hall served as home for the school for many years and in 1914 or 1915, it expanded to serve high school grades. In 1925, a separate school building was constructed and named after John D. Pierce in 1927. It was made of brick as the supply of Marquette sandstone had been exhausted. The school was a strong component during much of Northern's history, but in 1971 the Michigan legislature ordered all teacher-training schools closed. The John D. Pierce School building was remodeled to house the Business Office and academic departments of Business Education and Psychology and was torn down in fall of 1991.