The Grace H. Magnaghi Visiting Research Grant


Grant Origin:

Northern Michigan University invites applications for the Grace H. Magnaghi Visiting Research Grant for visiting fellowships for research in residence at the Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives and the Lydia M. Olson Library.  The proposed research should support scholarly research about the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. These monies were given in order to further the history and culture of the Upper Peninsula and aid the researcher with some of the expenses occurred in this endeavor.

The Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives is a repository for manuscript collections that document the history of the central Upper Peninsula of Michigan and archival records that document the history of Northern Michigan University. The Archives has an online bibliography of the Upper Peninsula entitled “Portals to the Past” (Magnaghi). Possible topical research areas include the history of education, the labor movement, politics and government, environmental preservation, religion, linguistics, immigration and literature.

Applications will be drawn from proposed projects that extensively use the archives and library collections. Proposed projects must be scholarly in scope and may include thesis, dissertations, research papers and publications.


  • A completed application form sent electronically or hard copy.
  • A current resume/vita and two letters of recommendation.

Upon complete of the research, successful applicants will be:

  • Asked to write a short one page report of your activity in the archives/library plus your receipt for expenses.
  • Invited to participate in a lecture series, such as the Sonderegger Symposium on regional history at NMU (Fall) or while at the Archives, make a presentation to the public or classroom on your topic of study.
  • Asked to provide a hard copy of your research (book, periodical or dissertation, etc.) to the NMU Archives which will further additional studies on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan within three months’ time period of publication. 


The amount and number of award will vary based on the NMU Foundation Spending Policy.


The Selection Committee will consist of the University Archivist, History Department Head and a faculty member with knowledge of topic. The Committee will share applicants with Dr. Russell M. Magnaghi or existing scholarship contact.

Application Form: 

Download Here