Current Documents

A critical part of the Academic Quality Improvement Program is creating a “Systems Portfolio” that gives a comprehensive picture of the university by answering a series of questions from AQIP.  As noted by AQIP, "...the Systems Portfolio covers the nine AQIP categories, describing context, processes, results and improvements in each system".  Our Portfolio provides the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) with information demonstrating that NMU continues to meet the HLC standards for university-wide accreditation. The Portfolio is a "living document", which is continually updated to show improvements in our internal systems and processes.


Systems Portfolio

The Systems Portfolio is a comprehensive document presenting an overview of the institution, and answers explicitly all of the questions under each of the nine AQIP Categories. There are approximately 165 questions; each category has a processes, results, and improvement section.

AQIP asks all participating institutions to provide a System Portfolio Index, identifying sections of the Portfolio showing evidence that the Higher Learning Commission’s (HLC) Five Criteria for Accreditation are met.

Systems Appraisal

Every four years, AQIP uses teams of experienced reviewers to assess the university’s Systems Portfolio. This third-party feedback identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement, as determined by the review team. The Systems Appraisal has two parts:  an Executive Summary and a scored section for each question in each category.

Quality Program Summary

Every seven years, as a part of the Quality Checkup Visit conducted in the year prior to the re-accreditation determination, AQIP asks institutions to write a Quality Program Summary.  This document summarizes the current state of the institution, describes what has been done since the first Systems Portfolio was written, indicates how the institution used the feedback provided in the Systems Appraisal, details new Action Projects, and provides other information to help AQIP prepare for the Checkup Visit.

Quality Checkup Visit Report

NMU hosted a Quality Checkup Visit by two trained and experienced reviewers from The Higher Learning Commission from March 25-27, 2009. These visits are conducted to determine “…whether participating institutions continue to meet the HLC's Criteria for Accreditation, and whether those institutions are using quality management principles and building a culture of continuous improvement as participation in the Academic Quality Improvement Program requires”. The report written following the visit can be read here: Quality Checkup Visit Report.