Current Action Project Committees


Analyze and Update the University-Wide Academic Program Review Process

  • Jim Cantrill, Communication and Performance Studies
  • Pish Cianciolo, Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology
  • Paul Lang, Health Sciences and Professional Studies
  • Steve Larson, Art & Design
  • Sandra Poindexter, Business
  • Lesley Putman, Chemistry
  • Mike Rudisill, Engineering Technology
  • Terry Seethoff, Academic Affairs


Internships/Work Experience Processes Review

  • Yvonne Lee, Technology & Occupational Sciences
  • Jane Milkie, Art & Design
  • Francella Quinnell, Psychology
  • Joe Lubig, Education
  • Dale Kapla, Criminal Justice
  • Linda Riipi, Clinical Sciences
  • Rob Lion, Business
  • Steve LaFond, Career Services
  • Susan Morgan, International Programs
  • Sandra Poindexter, Business


Knowledge Management System - Part II

  • Cheryl Andrews, Information Services
  • Tony Bertucci, Information Services
  • Paul Duby, Institutional Research
  • Felecia Flack, Information Services
  • Gavin Leach, Finance & Administration
  • Mike Roy, Finance & Administration
  • Terrance Seethhoff, Academic Affairs