Print Management Study and Recommendation Action Project

April 20, 2012 - May 14, 2013

Project Description

Project origination: Service Unit Outcomes Assessment Plans - Print Services

Project description: This project will assess the campus’s current print environment through an in-depth understanding of departmental document management and equipment requirements for print, copy, scan, and fax. It will investigate multiple comprehensive print management solutions to meet those identified requirements. Recommended solution criteria will address functional effectiveness of document output delivery and management; cost control abilities provided to managers; and work flow efficiencies of streamlined offices by eliminating redundant print equipment and adopting a single machine for document management, distribution and production.

Project rationale: There are three main factors driving this project: control, technology advancement and cost analysis. First, the copier function is currently centrally-managed by Printing Services. Other departmental document needs such as fax, print and scan whose requirements are decentralized and handled directly at the departmental level with minimal direction or guidelines. Reassessing this decentralized environment presents an opportunity for analysis of an overall solution that addresses document output and efficiencies as a whole. Second, technology is changing. Copiers were historically used for high volume requirements and were limited to one function, copying. Recently manufacturers began to incorporate the functionality of multiple devices into a single piece of equipment so as to have a smaller and greener foot. Lastly, new print/copier options need to be compared with current programs to determine the most cost effective service and pricing solution for the University.

This initiative is aligned with our University strategic plan, the Road Map to 2015, which has goals of innovation, effective use of technology throughout campus operations, and sustainable solutions. This Action Project arose from the annual service units’ assessment process; NMU makes an effort to annually select one unit plan as an Action Project. Printing Services had already done preliminary work and proposed a full study.

Project Scope: This project intends to study, test and recommend, not implement. It includes the following functions:

  • Document Output & Sharing (Print, Copy, Scan & Fax)
  • Accounting (Copier Counts)
  • Vendor Payables/Invoicing (Equipment Invoicing & Payment)
  • Vendor Management (Purchasing)
  • Pricing Methods ( Price Structures for potential solutions)


Task Force Members

Kaylie Anthos Assoc Director-Business Services - Purchasing