Assessment Teams

Role:  These groups provide oversight and evaluation of all Assessment Reports and Plans

Academic Assessment of Learning 2011 Members:

  1. Dr. K.C. Holder, Coordinator of Assessment of Learning, Education
  2. Dr. Carol Bell, Mathematics & Computer Science
  3. Dr. Chet DeFonso, Dept. Head History/Philosophy
  4. Dr. Kristina Robina, Dept. Coordinator Nursing
  5. Dr. Nancy Redfern, Music
  6. Dr. Suzanne Williams, Chemistry
  7. Dr. Mary Jane Tremethick, Director of School of Health and Human Performance
  8. Dr. Deanna Trella, Sociology
  9. Dr. Jim Cantrill, Dept. Head CAPS

Service Department 2011 Members:

  1. Ms. Mary Brundage, Associate Dean of Students
  2. Ms. Felecia Flack, Director Support / Consulting AdIT
  3. Mr. Peter Holliday, Director of Student Support Services
  4. Mr. Tom Helgren, Director of Auxiliary Services
  5. Ms. Cynthia Pohlman, Senior Financial Analyst, Finance and Planning
  6. Prof. Sandra Poindexter, AQIP coordinator
  7. Ms. Becky Tavernini, University Editor, Communications & Marketing