Service Units Outcomes Assessment

Service departments at Northern Michigan University submit outcomes assessment plans for the upcoming fiscal year and outcomes assessment reports for the prior fiscal year. The Plans and Reports are reviewed by the Service Unit Assessment Committee.

Reports and Plans Submitted



Fiscal Year 2015 Report


Fiscal Year 2016 Plan




Academic Affairs (Office of the Provost)

Student Services and Enrollment
Academic & Career Advising


Career Services            
Center for Student Enrichment            
Counseling and Consultation Services            
Dean of Students            
Financial Aid            
Housing and Residence Life            
Academic Information Services    
Help Desk            
Beaumier Heritage Center            
Instruction Design Technology            
Academic Affairs    
Continuing Education            
Grants and Research            
Institutional Research            
International Programs            

Finance and Administration

Controllers Office            
Equal Opportunity            
Engineering, Planning & Facilities            
Finance and Planning            
Health Center            
Human Resources            
Information Technology            
Business and Auxiliary Services    
Auxiliary Services          
Dining, Catering, Conference Services            
Print, Mail, Receiving            
Risk and Insurance Management            

Office of the President

Alumni Relations            
Communications and Marketing            
Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation Sports            
Public Safety            
Risk and Insurance Management