Assessment Teams

Role:  These groups provide oversight of all Assessment Reports and Plans.

Academic Assessment of Learning 2016-17 Members:

Judy Puncochar, Coordinator of Assessment of Learning, SELPS

Pat Jerome, Art & Design

Glenn Wrate, Engineering Tech

Mitchell Klett, Science Ed SELPS

Wendy Farkas, English

Sarah Jones, Philosophy

Mike Crum, Business

April Lindala, CNAS

Abigale Wyche, Social Work

John Centko, Tech & OS

Kim Barron, Academic Affairs, ex - officio


Service Department 2016-17 Members:

Kim Barron, Director of Institutional Accreditation and Assessment, Chair

Mary Brundage, Associate Dean of Students

Felecia Flack, Assistant VP - Information Services

Erica Goff, Director of Grants and Contracts

Shawn Olson, Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Cindy Pohlman, Senior Financial Analyst - Finance and Planning

Renee Sheen, Assistant Director - Human Resources