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Attendance Policy FAQs

What is Northern Michigan University’s requirement to obtain State continuing education credit for a webinar?

For any webinar sponsored by Northern Michigan University (NMU) to qualify for state continuing education credit, an attendance monitoring policy must be administered and enforced. 

NMU’s attendance monitoring policy is simple. To receive State continuing education (CE) credit for a webinar, you are required to comply with a "no walking away" attendance monitoring policy – in other words, you can’t walk away, minimize your screen and work on other projects, or otherwise fail to participate.

How does Northern Michigan University monitor attendance during a webinar?

To accomplish the attendance monitoring requirements during a webinar the presentation incorporates  frequent polls, multiple choice questions, and other interactive exercises, in which you will participate by either clicking on your chosen response or texting your response to the instructors.  These are not "pass/fail" exercises. However, to meet the policy requirements and receive State CE credit you must participate in all interactive activities requested of you by the instructor, including the evaluation at the end of the program.  Please note, handouts provided with a webinar will only be transmitted to attendees who have fulfilled this attendance requirement. Your participation in all these activities is evidence of your attendance.

Why is the attendance monitoring policy required in a webinar?

The policy is designed to eliminate any opportunity to engage in multi-tasking such as talking on the phone or completing other work.  Northern Michigan University’s goal in the use of webinars is to provide a convenient and meaningful learning experience.  In return, the policy asks you to give the webinar your full attention and to participate in all of the interactive exercises, including the evaluation at the end of the presentation.  We expect you, like other attendees, will find that the exercises greatly enhance your learning experience.

Will I know if I am out of compliance with the attendance monitoring policy during a webinar?

Yes. The web conferencing software tracks your activity and communication from the time you log in to the time you log out of the webinar. If you do not respond or interact to the exercises during the presentation you will be texted a series of private warning messages from one of the instructors or the instructor's assistant.  If you continue to fail to respond to the exercises and the text messages, you will be sent a dismissal message, which disables your connection to the presentation and you will not be granted State continuing education credit.

Who can qualify to receive State continuing education credit for a webinar?

State continuing education credit is provided only to the appraiser who is registered to take our webinar. 

If multiple attendees in my office will attend the webinar can we all view it on one computer and receive State CE credit?

No. Each registrant must have his or her own individual computer, an internet connection, and audio capability. The web conferencing system tracks and records your internet protocol, or IP address.  To receive credit, this information must be or specific to the registered attendee. Therefore, multiple users cannot attend the webinar using only one computer, nor can you receive credit by watching the webinar over the shoulder of a registered attendee. 

I am not a registered attendee, but logged in under the link for a registered attendee can I still obtain State CE credit for the webinar?

No. If you are not a registered attendee but have logged in using a link that a registered user shared with you, the registered attendee will not be able to join the webinar and therefore, will not receive State CE credit, nor will you.  The web conferencing system only allows one registrant per invitation and it tracks and records your internet protocol, or IP address.

My manager asked me to attend the webinar for him, is that acceptable?

No. If someone other than the registered attendee attends a webinar “on behalf" of another party,” that individual and the other party are engaging in unethical behavior that is in violation of Northern Michigan University’s policies and is sanctionable by the State in which the appraiser is licensed or certified.  The web conferencing system tracks and records individual internet protocol, or IP address and to receive credit it must be associated with the registered attendee.

Does Northern Michigan University require certification of my identity before attending a webinar?

Yes. Such certification occurs at the time you register for the program, and is activated at the time you “join” the webinar. The following is NMU’s “Terms of Agreement” to each attendee, for each webinar attended:

  • “Registered Attendee’s Name: I agree to the terms and policies set forth under the Northern Michigan University Attendance Policy noted on the NMU website. I also certify that I am the person enrolled as identified in the Registration Data and that I will personally complete all assigned hours of instruction and all interactive activities. I understand and agree that if I misrepresent my identity or arrange for someone else to represent himself or herself as me at any time during this NMU Webinar, I will be immediately removed from the webinar and I will not be entitled to any refund. NMU reserves the right to make contacts as necessary to verify the integrity of the participation of the person enrolled in this webinar.”

What if I “join” the webinar after the start time?

The policy is clear: to receive State CE credit you must be "in class" at the start of the presentation. NMU has no flexibility with regard to this State requirement. In order to qualify for State CE credit, our distance education criteria coincides with that of the Appraiser Qualification Board's "Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria," which has strict requirements for "time in class." 

NMU and the instructors recommend that you "log in" 15 to 30 minutes before the session begins and view the orientation video.

Am I correct in that this all sounds much like traditional classroom policies?

Yes.  The same common-sense policies that apply in the "sticks and bricks" classroom apply in the "virtual" classroom.  You are expected to be "in class" on time, remain in class while it is in session, and come back from breaks on time; pay attention and participate in all interactive activities; not misrepresent yourself as someone else; and, not expect to receive credit if you did not register.

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Administrative Policies and Notifications FAQs

By providing my name and Email, or “joining” a Northern Michigan University sponsored webinar what am I agreeing to?

By providing your name and Email or “joining” an NMU sponsored webinar you agree that:

  1. For registration purposes your Email address will be provided to a third-party vendor,
  2. Your participation and communication may be monitored or recorded at anytime during a presentation,
  3. Northern Michigan University or the instructor(s) will be allowed to contact you to discuss the subject matter presented in a webinar for varied purposes, including attendance monitoring, and
  4. Data collected will only be shared with the sponsors and developers of the webinars. 

What is Northern Michigan University’s refund policy for appraisal-related continuing education?

Registration is official and your place in a webinar is reserved once payment is received.  Refunds or webinar substitutions may be made for good-cause absences at NMU’s discretion.  Refunds will be processed after the conclusion of the program and will require five to seven business days.  Please contact 906-227-2103 or conteduc@nmu.edu if you need further assistance.

No shows. Northern Michigan University reserves the right to retain registration fees for all “No Shows,” which is defined as a person who registers for a program but who does not cancel registration and does not attend the program. 

Dismissals. Should NMU determine that a participant must be removed from the webinar for violations including attendance policy, inappropriate or illegal conduct, no refunds will be given.

What is Northern Michigan University’s cancellation policy?

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that might occur if a webinar is cancelled.  Full refunds in the amount of the original webinar cost will be refunded to registered attendees only.  Northern Michigan University’s Continuing Education Department will promptly contact participants should a webinar cancellation occur.

How and when will I get my State continuing education certificate?

A hard copy certificate will be mailed to you within approximately one week of completing the webinar.  Please contact 906-227-2103 or conteduc@nmu.edu if you need further assistance.

What is Northern Michigan University’s “Chat Posting” policy concerning text messaging before, during or after a webinar?

Students should recognize that interaction with instructor(s) and/or moderator(s) is through texting questions, comments and responses using the "Chat" tool. This interaction is designed to allow students to ask questions and share relevant information.   The policy related to posting a question, comment or response is as follows:

  1. Webinar instructor(s) and/or moderator(s) will evaluate every text-in post.
  2. The instructor and/or moderator have the choice to share such interaction and responses with all of the students or to answer privately.  If your question or comment is repeated to participants, your first name may be used, but your full identity will not be revealed.
  3. All contributions must be professional. Students posting inappropriate or offensive comments risk dismissal.

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