Webinars Made Easy

How our webinars work

What is a “webinar?”

Webinars are a convenient, enjoyable, and easy way to meet your continuing education requirements and stay current on important and timely appraisal-related issues.

A "webinar" is essentially a seminar presentation that is transmitted over the web using "web conferencing" technology. Web conferencing allows individuals to communicate over the internet in real time, using their computers to share information.

You may already be familiar with web conferencing and don’t realize it.  If you’ve participated in an event (two-way communication) and listened to a “live” presentation, on your computer, you’ve experienced a webinar. If you only listened to a live presentation, and did not have the ability to participate you’ve experienced a webcast (one-way communication).

A key feature of our “webinars” is your ability to interact with two "live" instructors in real time.  You can ask questions, make comments, engage in interactive exercises and enjoy the feedback that comes from your peers questions and comments.

During our webinars, your computer screen will display whatever your instructors display on their computer screens.  And you will hear the instructors through your computer speakers or, if you prefer, you can use your telephone.  You will be provided with a telephone number to use in the event you do not have computer speakers, or if they should malfunction during the webinar.

Before, during or after our webinars, we will transmit handout material that corresponds to the presentation and also provides valuable information to improve upon your appraisal work or business.

Do you need any special computer equipment or technical skills to see, hear or participate in a webinar?

You don’t need any special computer equipment or technical skills to see, hear or participate in our webinars.   Just about any personal computer running Microsoft Windows or an operating system from Apple will work just fine (see the following systems question for more details).

You will need a broadband connection like cable, DSL, or a T1 line. These commonly provide adequate connectivity (see the following bandwidth question for more details).  And if you are concerned about your system working properly you can easily test your system prior to any of our webinars (see the following systems question for more details).

Other equipment, like a microphone or camera isn’t necessary.   You simply respond to questions and provide your comments using your keyboard. In other words, it is just like sending an email.

Can you provide me with specific systems requirements?

Yes. The following table is provided from our web conferencing software vendor, iLinc. Basically, students that enroll in one of our webinars should have a reasonable understanding of how to use basic web technologies like a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Foxfire, or Safari; and, not be uncomfortable texting-in questions or comments for interactive participation, like you would conversing in an email. In other words, if you can surf the net and send an email, you’ll do just fine.

To improve your system’s performance during our webinars we also recommend closing out all the other programs you have open and avoid running maintenance software programs during our webinars.

Requirements Microsoft® Windows® Apple® Macintosh®
Versions supported Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP, SP2
Windows 2000, SP4
OS X 10.6
OS X 10.5 (Intel or PPC G5 or G4)
OS X 10.4 (Intel or PPC G5 or G4
Browsers Supported Internet Explorer 6.x and higher
Firefox 1.5 and higher
(recommended Java)
Safari™ 2.0 and higher
Firefox 1.5 and higher
JRE 5.x or higher
Processor Speed 1 Ghz or higher 1 Ghz or higher
Memory (minimum) 256 MB or higher (recommended)
1 GB for Windows Vista or 7
256 MB
512MB or higher (recommended)
Bandwidth Required Broadband/High Speed
Dial-up  is NOT adequate
Broadband/High Speed
Dial-up  is NOT adequate
Monitor Display (minimum) 1024 x 768 or higher with 16-bit color 1024 x 768 or higher with 16-bit color
Other Equipment (minimum) Operational computer speakers or headset, or telephone. Operational computer speakers or headset, or telephone.

When you receive your email invitation to one of our webinars, double-click the link titled, “Prepare your system ahead of time” to check your system and prepare it for our webinar.  If you experience any problems before or during the webinar simply call 1-800-799-4510 and iLinc, the web conferencing software provider, will help you. 

Are there other bandwidth factors I need to be aware of?  

Yes. Bandwidth (or internet speed) can fluctuate for a variety of reasons.  Performance can degrade if too many users simultaneously share the same cable or T-1 line, especially if the bandwidth is used for other purposes, such as telephone (VoIP).  If you have other parties using a common internet connection, you may wish to arrange for them to refrain from using their internet connection(s) until after the webinar is over or view the webinar from another location, such as your home office.  If multiple appraisers in the same office wish to attend the webinar, consider attending on alternate dates or using alternate locations to avoid degrading the bandwidth. 

What is the process for “joining” the webinar on the day of the event?

The process for joining the webinar is simple.  After you register on this website, you’ll receive an email.  In the email is a link that allows you to test your system ahead of time to assure you won't have problems connecting later. The email will also have a link that you’ll click to “Join” our webinar on the day of the presentation. 

What if I get disconnected before or during the webinar?

If you happen to get disconnected for any reason before or during our webinars, simply reopen the invitation email that you used to join the webinar and click on the “Join” link.

What if I have technical difficulties before or during the webinar?

In the unlikely event you happen to have any technical difficulties before or during our webinars, iLinc, our web conferencing provider has an excellent support staff with a toll free number you can contact for immediate assistance at 1-800-799-4510. 

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