Scott Holman


Scott Holman is an Ishpeming native and 1965 graduate of the School of Business and Management. His passion for diving led him to open the Lake Superior Skin Diving Company as a student, and he would regularly teach diving courses and lead expeditions to shipwrecks and Granite Island, several miles off the coast of Marquette. His work was pivotal in establishing NMU’s Scuba program, which remains one of the most popular course offerings at the university.

After graduating, Holman found continued success in entrepreneurship, particularly in the case of Bay City Foundry. Hired in 1974, his work as Vice-President led to the development of mechanical devices for which he has been awarded both U.S. and foreign patents.

In 1987, he purchased Bay City Foundry, now known as Bay Cast Inc., and transformed the struggling business into a multi-million dollar success in less than two years. Aside from steel castings for the automotive industry, the company was tasked by NASA with developing the crawler shoes used by the Space Shuttle Transporter at Cape Kennedy. The turnaround of Bay Cast Inc. led to Holman’s selection as a Michigan “Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist” for 1989 by Inc. Magazine.

Holman has devoted himself to the university in his post-graduate years as well, serving on the Nation Alumni Board of Directors, the Commission for the Future of NMU, as Vice Chairman of the School of Business Advisory Council, and on the Board of Trustees—including as chairman of the board. In 1987, he was named an “Executive in Residence” at the Walker Crisler School of Business.

Today, Holman owns and manages King Lake Wilderness in Covington Township of the U.P. and a director of the United States Chamber of Commerce. He also owns and restored Granite Island Light Station which hosts several NMU projects, along with government and private events.